What to do when Blender servers are down

So… what does one do if the entire array of blender-related sites mentioned is down, and you need to update your version, and cannot find any mirrors?

I know there are mirrors for the builds somewhere… >_>

Hu! Ho! Is this topick about the missing and/or dead links when trying to get help through the Blender app and/or the bookmarked one’s?
Few adresses still get to Blender Help… By chance. It only gets stuffier to crowl to the wished chapter… :wink:

Complain to Kaito, and block as he jumps out of a closet and chops your head off.

The Blender site is usually up in the morning and then down pretty much the rest of the day.

Ton and friends, how hard would it be to get the server upgraded by the time B.B.B. is released.

The servers are down! What do I do?

@CyberDragon: we’re continuously working on getting it Done Right.

@Fhgwhgads: You wait. There’s nothing much else you can do about it.


Blender folks are great at work anyhow! Thanks folks! :wink:
In the meanwhile, forums are up and will have to be a little more busy these days… more questions asked…

Somehow i have feeling that blender3d.org been having trouble, a week ago i checked up on the web gallery and it was still on December lol, does anyone know whats really going on or its just simple maintance thing, Anyways no big deal i just hate to see blender die

Looking at the pace of development, you know that is wrong. I think a lot of it’s because they’re swamped with work.

Lol what that supposed to mean? I was just wondering, anyways today their server seem be loading quite slowly at first but now its normal

As for the image gallery, still on December 2007 lol

What does the uptime of the server have to do with a not-so-often updated gallery?

@Fhgwhgads: You wait. There’s nothing much else you can do about it.
LOL, that was a joke. The thread repeatedly says not to ask that.

It is indirectly related to it in meaning that there isn’t as much maintenance and care about updating the servers. Thus, with the servers now often down (more than I’ve seen in a while), it seems like nobody’s doing anything about it, or the gallery.

About a week ago I checked the website, and then I checked it today. Both times had a 500 error. Has it been that way the whole week, or am I unlucky?

You are unlucky, Mr. Wad. And lately, the more times you try, the unluckier you get. Like now. When I want to write a tutorial.

Yep thats what i mean, its like i said before it seems like they are dying from ether lack of interest or some unknown reason.

EDIT: LOL WTF ANOTHER 500 - Internal Server Error?


It is a server config and interprocess issue. I wish they would back out whatever change they just made!

what do I do when my wife and my girlfriend can’t get along? :D:D:D

What did you expect? Wait, was it up any other time today? I have checked it twice today and both times it was down. I haven’t been able to go there for about a week and a half. I really, really have bad timing.

And I’m not saying Blender itself is dying from lack of interest at all, I’m just saying maybe the site maintenance people are on vacation or something. If they aren’t and if they’re very busy right now, and if they’re reading this, I’m sorry for assuming you could be on vacation (although, why are you reading us complain when you could be fixing it?).

I’m an impatient bastard. I want to see what changes will be made into 2.56

It’s pretty reliably up in the early morning here (afternoon in Europe).

Also, if you want to use 2.46 (development versions), you can download builds at GraphicAll, or compile it yourself (I haven’t seen the SVN server down).

Actually, Blender dying? I think it may be the exact opposite. I think the occasional 500 error may be from too much strain on the servers from the website being visited by too many people. I guess it’s a good thing for Blender, but not for th servers.

Its a guess, but anyways the web page is up just hope they update it also, not that its important but least people know that they are actually keeping blender alive lol. Anyways sorry for the scare it was just a theory :wink: