What to do when Blender servers are down

For that you’ll have to wait a really long time. 2.5 will not be ready during the summer - we’ll have a 2.46 first, then start with the difficult event system refactor.

Concerning galleries, perhaps there haven’t been any entries sent that are worth it to include to the galleries. I think people misunderstand the purpose of the gallery over at blender.org. It is not there to showcase the artists - sending in entries doesn’t automatically mean you get accepted either. Instead, the gallery is there to promote Blender. I think there has been talk about changing the naming of the gallery and drop the month part from it, to prevent people from thinking this should be updated every month.


I think now is a good time to bump this thread again.

Real life is a myth

Not in fantasyland.


animal? bump a sticky?

Someone doing that shall from now on be called a “sticky bumper”.


hey actually this is a nonsense thing you know just leave it and get down to work


Seriously, have you ever thought about having Psychotherapy, or tranquilizers…:evilgrin:

Come On, your NOT serious are you, OUTSIDE, MEET PEOPLE, isn’t it dangerous out there, what about all the germs and stuff…:eek:

Well if your going to be like that about it, I know when I’m not wanted…:ba:

Simple solution: Teach the woman to blend!

" * The upcoming Apricot Open Game " ready at all times ???
How to do that with the blender.org server down?

“Meet real people.”
Weirdest thing I read in a long time. I didn’t realize we had to meet face to face to have a real convo, nor that these forums are filled with comments made by bots…

I know this is what programmers want us to think, that its “normal” to deliver something that needs to be fixed with updates by default, but “normal” “real life” people know things should work from the start and work all the time. Like a hammer, or a pen or a door or a kid, or a glass of beer.

for some reason, every time i have tried to get to blender.org today I haven’t gotten through and it triggered my firewall, something about an ‘invalid tcp options attack’. I hope it hasn’t been hacked or something.

Let’s hope not! It is most likely due to some new configuration done over the past few days, and hopefully something that’ll wear out over time.


it seems to be working fine today, I was just checking out the new sky rendering, and it looks great. This, to me, is a huge step for blender. I wonder where s68 has been…this would be a great addition to ‘world forge’.

when Blender servers are down
just play blender,that’s a good time

Indeed, one is much more productive in Blender when not posting here. The server was pretty bad yesterday and I got some fine ideas and tests. Just gotta make a coherent scene out of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

get real life?

No, really?

Hello Friends,

                    Dear Member when server can become unreachable Do make sure you have your lifelines ready at all times:
                     Essential Blender
  • Introduction to Character Animation With Blender
  • Mancandy FAQ
  • Elephants Dream DVD
  • The upcoming Big Buck Bunny DVD

you could always download the entire contents of the blender servers to your hard drive…

When the Blender Servers are down, that’ is when I really do Blendering. and its necessary if we believe

It works again! =D Now I don’t need a real life anymore…

I like this as a sticky particularly since it is [now] almost one and a half years old; serves as a good reminder that sunspots just happen.

BTW the title post is funny. If you think that that message is at all mean then you have been very well sheltered, and you’re in for a real treat when you get walloped with truly snarky messages from the web.

… I just hope that the present downtime has no negative impact on Durian. :(:eek: