what to do with 50 frames

Here is a product of one of my classes at university. It is 50 frames of hand-drawn animation. The physical form is a flipbook but part of the project was scanning it into the computer and the editing it to death to extend those 50 frames into 1 minute of animation. I found the end result amusing.

1 min (4.13MB)
No Edits (270KB)

They are really cheezy but work well in a loop :slight_smile:

I have played around with hand drawn animation a bit, and here’s a little technique that I like to use,…before you even start drawing,…go into Blender, and animate some wireframe cubes and spheres and stuff behaving basically in the way you wish your anim to behave,…then you can use those images as a template for doing your hand drawn anim. I use Blender to set up perspective and lighting for my comic book panels too. Blender is just an all around handy tool. But just as an example say you want something in your anim to move toward you,…so it’s going to get larger as it gets nearer in very fine increments,…that would be really hard to get just right, by simply visually interpolating the variation between frames,…but with a blender made anim template,…nooo problemo.

i do the exact same as modron LOL. i had a class i was required to animate aconcrete mixer, blender all the way baby then printed and used as reference.

downloading now BTW will coment later


Yea, I thought about using Blender to establish some reference but this was only 50 frames and we were not being graded on the accuracy of our drawings. So I figured it would be more fun (and a lot faster with how simple these animations are) to just freehand it.