What to do with a strap around a face and a cap?

Hey there I have a character below who ears a cap with a strap under his chin.


I was just wondering how I should set that up so that the strap stays under his chin and attached to the ring with is attached to the cap whilst he moves his head around? Do I need to use vertex groups and cloth modifier?

Also when I make him frown the cap doesn’t move and so looks like it’s hovering over his forehead. Should I make this a cloth simulation and can the cylinders on the cap follow the cap?

Know of any tutorials to help me out?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve set the strap up so that 3 vertices in the ring are parented to the strap, and I’ve pinned vertices in the top strap loops and at the neck, but when I run the collision simulation by frame 5 the strap is all over the place even though i’ve been trying to make it stiff. :frowning:

Here’s a screenshot, am I missing something?


Can you use weight paint to make the strap a little more stiff?

Thanks craig that made it behave better, now my problem is to make it stretch properly, since the head can sometimes bend backwards, here mine is getting to a point where it just starts going through the neck (i’ve used a low poly head version for test purposes)…


What setting affects the stretch of it?

You could try using the shrinkwrap mod on the middle, chin part of the strap, to the chin and add those vertices to your pinning group.