What to do with Image in UV panel?

I’m studiyng UV unwrap since some days but I can’t figure out what to do with Image function in the UV blender section.
Now I know a UV map can be useful to map a texture on to my object, then after the UV map creation I switch to the textures panel and add my image as texture… so what the hell needing to put an image in the UV Layout panel for?

Please explain and if you could post me some link to good UV unwrapping tutorial in blender, I read the wiky but it doesn’t help too much.

This way you have the possibility to assign a texture via the UVEditor as a texface, which showsup in your 3DView, when activating the “Textured” Drawtype.
Very useful to lineup your UVLayout in the Editor and the 3DView and for Games using the Realtimeshading.
Otoh, to assign the texture in the MaterialContext is necessary for Rendering.


A Tutorial - It is a bit outdated, but might help.


mmmh… so it’s a, let me say, Edit aid only mode? Has it nothing to do with the way you obtain the final render, or is it alternative to the proper way of texturing?

It’s not edit only, it’s for Realtime things as Games as well.
But you might come to Unwrapresults, where you’d like to edit the UVLayout directly over the texture, for example to clean seams.
So it’s a standard procedure to load the texture behind the UVLayout in the UV/Image Editor

But for the final rendering only the texture assigned in the Materialbuttons is relevant, though it is possible to activate the texface Button in the MaterialsWindow and this way the texture assigned in the UVEditor would be rendered.

The UV/Imageeditor is also used for texturepainting.

ok, i suppose i catch the meaning.
thank u for the link!