What to do with Voodoo

I have downloaded voodoo in anticipation that i could be able to readily animate my models according to bodily movements.

The bad news is… I can’t seem to get any usefull information from this app at all.

How on earth am I supposed to use it if I can’t understand how it is capable of traking camera movements or body movement?
How do you turn your video footage into a cg masterpiece?

This technique is used in IRobot, the polar express, etc…
I want in on the action.

What do I need? Where do I start? What steps are needed to effectively reproduce the intended and described effect that voodoo claims it is capable of?

I’ve tried my hand at other web resources, there’s not that many to base myself off of. And none of them are found to be reliable. I turn to you in hopes that elysiun is the best place to aquire that “know-how” where using cg-powertools are concerned.

I thank you for your time… ~onion man

The tutorials here by EffStops are for Icarus, not Voodoo but it’s still match moving:



I recommend using Icarus if you can find a copy. In my experience with using both of them, the integration between Icarus and Blender is much more seamless. I believe you can find a link to Icarus in the link posted above.