What to do?


I’m thinking about buying a new Nvidia RTX 3070 ( if I can get my hand on it). I have a iMac i7 2017. I want to install windows via Bootcamp . And house the gpu in an external housing with thunderbolt 3.

Anybody any experience with Nvidia gpu on a Mac using windows?

On the other hand AMD is coming out with the new 6000 series cards.

I would like some advise or thoughts


Hello, you should go to this site:

This is the best place to compare video cards, I’m sure you will reach a conclusion after using this site.

Well Nvidia and Mac dont’ play well, though bootcamp would/should avoid the issue.

As for the 6000 series, just wait 3 more days when the sales start.

For pure renedeirng Optix/CUDA have an advantage, and will do so untill AMD provdies concrete developer support to improve OpenCL coding beyond the current funding.

Though I’m still in AMD camp, and will get then 6900xt when its out in December, the 6800 being very tempting…

Still today, I woudl still recomend Nvidia, untill we see actual performance of AMD GPU’s in compute tasks

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Here’s some discussion that might be helpful…

eGPU / Thunderbolt can be hell to get working even in the best scenarios. I would not invest in this solution until you can find someone with the exact same setup who can confirm that it’s going to work.

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I would not suggest doing that. Snazzylabs on youtube has done some good videos similar to your idea and windows + mac + Nvidia gpu would require workarounds and troubleshooting that would not be worth it in my opinion. Maybe AMD would work but for blender usually, NVIDIA Optix and CUDA work better than Open CL/GL. Plus the driver support would be a nightmare. I would save the money and get a cheaper PC that’s just for rendering with the GPU in windows (on Linux maybe).