What to do?

(Yoey) #1

I have been researching blender for the company I work for, for(?) a while. I have found out that a specific feature I need is only in available in Publisher. With the current status of NAN, I can’t buy Publisher, but my company probably wouldn’t buy it anyway, without a proof of concept. i.e. I am supposed to make an example blender file showing off how blender would be useful to my company, which I can’t do without the animated textures only available in Publisher. So, what can I do, other than to ask for a ‘pirated warez’ copy from some one so that I can make the example file. Anyone have any suggestions?

(overextrude) #2

Look at it this way…even if you could prove the concept using a warez copy of Blender, it wouldn’t matter, because there’s no way that your company could legally obtain a license to use it.

(blenderanim) #3

Are you sure that the feature is only available in Publisher 2.25?

Creator does allow animated textures and has for a while.

What effect are you trying to achieve?
Do you have to use the realtime engine? or is it for stills and animation?

(Yoey) #4

True, we wouldn’t be able to get a legal license for it but I’m hoping that by the time we are ready, NaN, or Blender in some form will be back.

And yes I need it for the realtime engine and I was told when trying to figure out how to do it, that animated textures were only available in Publisher.

I have an example of animated materials, i.e. the colour changes from red to blue over 5 frames or something, but not for textures. Mabye it is possible, can anyone confirm that it is possible?

(blenderanim) #5

In Creator, changing the mateial is just keframing the various settings. To use an animated texture, choose Image type and select your animation (AVI or AVIjpg only). There are buttons to set the number of frames, offset, repeat, etc.

The realtime engine only supported UV textures. I think animated textures were a new feature in Publisher 2.25 that were not in the realtime side of Creator 2.23 and earlier. Publisher 2.23 had the same features as Creator 2.23, plus it allowed making .exe, compression and locking the .blend files.

(valarking) #6

i believe that in like 2.0 to 2.04 or something, animated uv textures were there. as for animated materials, that’s easy, just keyframe it in by pressing i with your cursor over the materials window.

(Yoey) #7

cool. I finally got it to work… I think the problem was the avi’s i were trying to use weren’t encoded in a way that blender could understand, I made my own avi, and encoded it as “full frames (uncompressed)” and it worked…

Thanks a lot for the tips

(Yoey) #8

I don’t know about getting it to work in the realtime engine, is THAT possible?

were you talking about the realtime engine there?

If that is the case then, I’m still in the same boat… I need a Publisher 2.25

(Timothy) #9

valar_king was right,… animated textures where available in the realtime engine,… I think in 2.04, not 100% sure though.


(IngieBee) #10

Is this what you need? Hope it is of help, I’m not sure though, good luck,


(Yoey) #11

Thanks a lot everybody. I think I have all the info I need now… at least on this topic… I’ll probably be here again the ask about something else.

The example file in the page that IngieBee linked only played the animated texture in 2.04 so either 2.23 doesn’t support animated UV textures in game blender, or it does it differently somehow. Anyway I guess I will do my example in 2.04. Hopefully by the time I get it done and my company is ready to use Blender, NaN will be back in some form and make lots of money off of us… hehe, well, some money at least.