What to focus on learning for my stylistic goals?

Firstly, sorry for posting this in OffTopic. I’m not really sure where to put a question like this :o


Blender newbie here, only been messing around for a couple months now cumulatively. I really really like working with Blender, however as I start to look at what’s made in 3D in other media that I like (movies, games, etc.), I find particular art styles that I like.

The sort of artstyle I am aiming for is low/mid-poly, cell-shaded and stylized. Good examples of what I’m looking to get into would be;

Transistor, Bastion, 7Knights, Etotama, Fire Emblem (3DS generation), RWBY, Legend of Zelda (non-Twilight Princess games), and at the “most detailed/realistic” level; Knights of Sidonia.

If I’m trying to go after this sort of art and animation style eventually, what should I focus on learning when it comes to tools/aspects in Blender?

I find sculpting and retopo really difficult; is it worth investing a lot of time learning sculpting for my goals?

Thanks again!