What to improve to have a lag free 3d viewport (hardware wise)

Hey I’m beginning to get better at 3D and of late have been working on large scenes but i tent to lag sadly. Hence i was wondering what i need to improve hardware wise for a solid 3D workhorse machine! planning on investing a good amount so want to put that money where it really matters.

Current setup:


AMD-FX-8350 8 cores 16 threads


Republic of gamers Rog Maximus 5 or 7 (been 8 years since i got this)

Nvidia Gigabyte RTX 2070 8 gigs of V ram

32 GB ddr4 vengeance 2100 clock speed (or so I assume again been 8 years)

My major interests is i love environments and hardsurfacae and some times when i work on large scenes especially with a lot of particles above a threshold it lags, and my render times are decent .what if i improve in my current hardware would I be able to model larger scenes comfortably and have a decent spike in render times.

I Primarily Use Blender and Substancepainter rn but might get into Unreal engine later as i improve to make movies or animated shorts.

Your cpu and ram are the problem. Get a new amd ryzen cpu and some 3200 mhz ram and you will notice the difference. And an ssd/nvme m.2 ssd if you dont have one already.

Oh and if you can find a rtx 3000 series gpu you will be in a whole new world.