What topic would u want to see vid tute made about.

Post them here. im going to start making vid tutes. i already have one done.

How to simulate camera changes…with one camera :o

more topic will be added.

UV Texturing… Is there already one on that. Also… mabye rigging.

there is one on uv mapping. its advanced tho. here it is


rigging a character with IK bones would be cool.

cmon need feedback!!! :frowning:

Here’s some feedback … did you rewrite your Camera Changing video? I still haven’t seen it. Looking forward to seeing it. For some reason, I can’t even get onto your site now.

A tutorial on particles would be nice. Anything other than the interface, since I think that one has been done sufficiently by others.

redoing the camera changing tute using wink. should be up in about 2 hours.

Cool :slight_smile:

Rigging ! :smiley:
Or maybe uv-mapping too…

Rigging is really the thing I have the most problems with… and uv-mapping too, but a little less.

I think I know the blender interface well enough, the same for the procedural texture (though I’m not good at textures at all, lol), and… well… I already succeded once in doing a pixar-looking eye ! wow ! ahah.

Actually … it’s sad there’s no “All” option :wink:

There are many problem with rigging for one to create a tut they would need to understand stand those common problems… Btw… Laziness to read docs is not a valid problem ^_-

althought rigging is the most voted upon, i dont under stand enought about it my self, i can rig just not with ik solvers and stuff… If u could select another topic until i read up on ik and fk and all that good stuff.

The pixar eye can be pretty simple if you just use the proper materials.

the mesh is simple, i just followed the one on blenderchar

however, i still think that all of these topics are viable video-tutorials


Actually … it’s sad there’s no “All” option

yah, i agree…


To model a symmetrical modle without seam :wink:
But it seems not to be a Blender issue. I am not saying “remove doubles” after merging, I know that. My model still has seam even after “remove doubles”. I think the layout of the vertices is always not good when I model only half of the mesh.

i can do that tutorial comin soon

GAMES !!! and the real time engine, can’t find crap on this subject, interested in projectile, throwing objects. Please keep python scripts out of it.

i really havent touched the game engine yet. :-?

How can we if we don’t know what the hell to do ?

there is a tute somewhere in the game engine forum.

Yea, for simple stuff, but I can’t find anything regarding projectiles and hurdle objects. There’s demos here and there, but they don’t explain anything that is clueless to most users


at the bottom of the first post there is a list of tutes