What type of texture types for Candy ?


What type of texture types would you use to make realistic candy as in the picture avove ?

Im using voroni but its looking awfull.
Im new to texturing with blender but how can i make it in blender alone ?

No image or movie types please.


may be a little amount of noise i think would do the trick here!


Yeah Normal Noise and a Edited Distorted noise work great.
Any other Textures i could use that will add detail ?

Voronol is fine. What are you using Voronol for? Color channel? I would use it to just give object that rough textured look. Just keep Voronol Size small with respect to your model. Influence should be set to Normal only at very small amount (like .05).

Specular setting needs to be very small as well. Highlight needs to be defused. And, try to render it with Environment lighting at about .1 or .2 setting. That will fill the shadow with light and don’t give you that rough surface look.

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