What version of blender are you running?

I thought this might be a cool thread. Post exactly what version your running. If it’s a custom build please post where you got it and what is special about it.

I’m using Blender 2.47 official. Although I also run these versions; blender 2.36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,45.15,46, and blender Grape (my custom build)

That’s a long list… and they are all installed on my computer!

I use 2.47.

2.47, but soon to be 2.48!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

2.47 and .46 sometimes .45 and the latest compile of SVN(not always the latest SVN but what you gonna do?)

Gee, when I get a new blender delete all old files (of blender previous) and install new! :smiley: Anything weird about that? I’ve tested some builds from Graphicall, usually non-working apricot builds, 1 fluid control(which apparently I never figured out) and, yep, all deleted. minus .47, and as redjay said, .48 to be!

svn updated every day, and 2.47 for rendering.

Pretty cool! There’s nothing wrong with deleting your old versions, I keep them for certain reasons. For some reason the sculpt tool isn’t working right in 2.47 =/ Idk why… so I use 2.45 for sculpting. I almost never use 2.46. I used 2.45.15 for a while, because I couldn’t get use to not having the face mode.

What? Face mode not in .46 or .47??? What r u talking about? Ur taking about the Edit mode face mode? Or not? Which face mode? UV? Whatever… :smiley:
Is there a way to get updated svn’s everyday or somethng? I’m curious… And, yes I’m the Clueless-in-programming type. :stuck_out_tongue:

He means Face painting mode or whatever its called (when you press f)
I am using 2.47

edit-whats different about your “grape” build

Currently using - Lightcuts SoC 16180 and Release-2.47 SVN 16478 - SSE2 LAA from graphicall.org, mainly the latter, and 2.47 standard. Just got more RAM, so I need the LAA version to make use of it. Optimised as well, so it runs faster anyway.

I had one more build I tried with sculpt gear - Blender 2.47 Apricot SVN 16699 - SSE2 LAA OpenMP Fast-Math
I think.

Whatever build it is I could sculpt past 4 million poly so I like it. Also from graphicall.org

I just download the current version of the official BF one, then visit graphicall.org whenever I feel the need to make use of another feature in development.

I use 2.47 standard for testing scripts.
2.47.5 for everything else.
2.47 was/is a bit of a dead fish, considering a few days after it’s release Shrinkwrap was added to trunk.
Several other Must Have features have since been added.
I do worry that over 50% of scripts are now broken, but that’s progress.
Also I have every version from 2.25.
So I can still run any file I need.

.46 mainly sometimes running .47 though, and probably will use .48. :confused:

instructions for getting svn:

and for building:

and after the first time you build blender you only have to go to the directory where you have the svn and type ‘svn up’ and ‘scons’ (in linux).


For UV mapping I am using 242a, and Rendering, Animation I am using 247.

why 2.42a? (great version btw)
If it is for a UV script just rename it & use it in current Blender.

Usually last official one and graphical SVN build (Zebulon’s one). I agree with Meta-Androcto that there is already big gap between last release and SVN

All with last jendrzich’s icons and dark theme of course :slight_smile:

Why are you guys using outdated builds?

I just stick to the latest main release.
Check Blender.org, if they have a new one, I upgrade.
Currently using 2.47.

Blender 2.47

Current SVN trunk, DbBlender, Blender 2.5 current SVN branch, and sometimes Blunder.


2.45 Its just best for me, for some reasons