What video editor do you use?

As you may know, I’ve been making a spoof of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (Tabletop Rhapsody), and I’m getting to the stage where I’ll have to put the whole thing together into a final video:eek:. The problem is, some of the effects I’m going to need are not possible with Windows MovieMaker. I would use Blender, but a)It doesn’t do it very quickly, b)It can’t render sound, and c)The number of videos I’m using would probably crash it anyway:rolleyes:
I’ve tried VirtualDub but it’s not all that good for editing multiple videos, and all the free trials I’ve tried of professional software print a massive logo in the corner of the screen:mad:
Are there any good free video editors out there?

there is wax for windows and cinelerra for linux, but i would go with blender sequencer editor in linux with ffmpeg integration.

Try jahshaka

Also try ZS4. Comes with a bunch of nice effects (you might find the ones you need) and can mix in the sound.