What Was I Thinking

My second attempt at compositing.

Though much of which is a photomanip, I loved doing this sort of a variety.

Stock photos from:


And my original photo here:


Photo manipulation with: GIMP
3D Model with: Blender
Post with: GIMP



I compared the source photos with the finished picture and I must say you definetly edited it well.
The little man is cute - the unproportional head (compare the head size to the hand size) makes it look even better :slight_smile:

That is really good!! I love the warm colors to the picture.

Very Nice!
I just started with Blender and love the well done pieces that incorporate photos and blenderings.

Wow, very nice! The mood is well created, as is the general composition…

The compositing around the head is a bit disappointing. I think if you had spent a bit more time there it would really give it a professional look.

But that’s really nitpicking. Nice job.

Nice one, really effective!!

sweet. reminds me of the lion king :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the nice comments everyone! I really appreciate it a lot. I promise next time I’ll do even better. Thanks so much for the suggestions and inspiration. :slight_smile:

blenditall: haha! (if you meant my head) Yeah! Darn, I was really having a hard time how to deal with that. haha! Probably I just got too excited to skip tweaking it more. hehe! Thanks, man. =)

blubernuget: hehe! those mountains and the field sure does remind me of Lion King, too. (ooooooooo… aaaayeeeeaaaammmammmaweeee…)


Very good use and integration between different program and nice result!