what was the point

what was the point in locking all of cyborg dragons threads he had going
Presenting: The world’s worst hotels (Or the only choices you have if you’re in Hell)
really didnt have anything wrong with it cyborg didnt even say anything that could have possibly been considered flame bait or anything else like that
Not my thing but: Kansas Clobbers North Carolina, their old coach
this one was just about sports nothing wrong with sports and again not really flame bait
the doomsday tech one kinda got derailed but ive seen the mods let far worse go
and the latest one was understandable but other than that what the hell was the point.
Its actually really really rude what you did Alltaken. Do you hope to piss cyborg of with this cus thats all its going to accomplish
Anyone elses thoughts on this

I did PM him on this, but he didn’t answer, I do notice that flamey arguments in religion topics are allowed to go on for pages, every now and then Theeth, who is an adminstrator, actually joins in.

I’ll be lucky if I’m even here tomorrow. But it can be hard to convince the staff.

Have you looked at the off-topic forum?

He has like 5 threads!! It’s spam; end of story.

He’s been banned before - like multiple times - there’s a reason behind that.

I admit, I hate him because he’s a “draconity” freak (he’s insane, let’s face it) but he’s also hated by others for very legitimate reasons (spam being one of them, posting religion themed threads the other)

Either way, again, I say it’s time for a another ban. Doesn’t have to be perma, but enough for him to get his cool back (it’s like a period he goes through every year)

Most of them are legitimate topics though that people can freely discuss and not something like the old “Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg”

Can the definition of what’s spam actually be taken too far?

btw, why does morbid dog always have to start threads about what other people have done?

…Now I say perma ban.

what do you mean about what other people have done? The only other one i have started is about leaving religion out of threads. The reason i posted this is because i saw something that i thought was wrong and unnecessary, so i was asking if there was any justification behind this seemingly rude and unnecessary action. Now i ask you what was the point in you saying this, did you intend on discrediting my post by saying this, did you think that bringing up something you have observed would somehow make what was done to cyborg dragon alright.

Social what are you talking about they aren’t spam. This is an off topic section you post things that are off topic. He wasn’t asking for people to “donate” free work or models to them, he wasn’t telling people about his website for cheap “oem” software, he was simply posting about legitimate things that simply didn’t belong in any other section. Just because he had multiple topics does not mean that he was posting spam.

CD: You PMed me and I didn’t answer within 2 hours… I must be doing it on purpose.

Or perhaps I was out in the garden planting some veggies for the winter.

Morbid Dog: The religious topic has been left, mostly because it seems pretty interesting. its a discussion not of religion but of history and symbolism. There are individuals that then bring the religious debate back into topics, but these users are generally also the ones that complain about the thread being a religious argument. (Self fulfilling prophecy?)

The original poster of the thread Al_Capone. has stayed very true to the original intentions of his thread and for that reason it is left.

Trivial threads are more likely/ more deserving to be locked that intellectual debates that are kept interesting and civil.

Sure its off-topic and any post goes, It shouldn’t mean that every post goes. We get a lot more complaints about Off-topic being out of control than any other forum in this place.


well as far as im concerned you answered my question and pretty thoroughly defended your decision in cyborg dragons other thread so im not really worried about it now
and thanks for unlocking my thread and actually answering my question

Wow, Cyborg Dragon actually adds some history to this place, at least. Seeing all of these members with thousands of posts here, I’ve decided to take PapaSmurf as a role model from among you. He’s nice, good cookies.

Yes the def can be taken very far. However, when you make posts just to post:

Spam is a very fitting word. Let the ones that do care about it, post about it. Otherwise, especially if noone else does care about it, you’ve wasted server space posting something that noone cares about…including yourself.

Stop trying to up your post count (don’t deny it, that’s exactly what your doing- 2 year old account 7000+ posts…yeah seen your type before) by posting every ridiculous, semi interesting, I dont watch this sport but others may, my religion is better cause of this, rate my test with less than 4 stars and I’ll cry about it type news story you can get your hands on and I can almost promise you that your posts wont be locked before others get a chance to post. And I’m not even a mod here…how about that.

Well Alltaken replied, apparently he thought the Hotel topic was borderline spam as it linked to a hotel booking site, I didn’t see it that way, I thought people would click the worst hotels and read in the comments why they are so bad, not encouraging to book anything.

Apparently the hotels bought your prints. As it matches the star rating they got.

Hahaha that was a good one. Alright this was the last one. Seriously. I will leave you alone.

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