What was your longest render time?

I baked a whole scene at 4096px and 4000 samples, took 14 hours, longest for me. can you beat that? :cool: and what was your settings and verts count?

UV Texture bake full scene

4000 samples

I once read about a 709 hours render in Terragen 2 :D.

Yikes, how big was the scene?

Three weeks. Not kidding. This was in the early 90’s iirc, and not Blender. Pure raytracing. And I messed up the settings, so when it was all done I couldn’t believe I had forgot to turn on shadow casting (or something equally critical) for an important object in the scene.

Omg. Even found it :smiley: Apparently 1994, as it has that info engraved in on of the objects. Size, a whopping 768x576 - super high res at the time, lol :smiley:

I read that the 3 citywide render farms for Big Hero 6 could render Tangled from start to finish in about 10 days.

so 240 hours?

I’ve calculated how much time it would take to render Big Hero 6 only on 4 core processor. (Their renderfarm had 55’000 cores)

And it was something around 7000… years.