what we can do without computer?

what we can do without computer ?:rolleyes:

O.o umm…you can do about 500000000000000000000 different things when you are not using the computer. Like for example you can stand on you hands and eat ice cream at the same time.

@ Civx: I suggest you try it out and report us after a month or so.

@Zarnik: Epic failure.

PS. i am scared i start to understand what civx is meaning with his sentences ^^

Without computer? I don’t understand.

You said with computer >_> yeah just a quick edit…wait a moment…

@ Surt :yes i say what we can do without computer?

Well - all the things listed. But voting is limited to one point…

but how i can fix it ?

Go to school and learn some basic grammar. That’s what you can do.

@ Sandrew
that is not for this thread sure so go another thread .:wink:

hahha funny thread…:eyebrowlift2:

If funny means retarded. Then, yes. It’s very funny.

You can always get off of the computer and walk a dog if you have one.

What about reading a book about weird facts or a bathroom reader.

Or you can just watch Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob! WOOHOO!!

Actually, I think I shall get off the computer now and make the most of my Saturday! Have a good one, all!http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/hug002.gif

what I do?! Hah! … I may play with my balls ! ( it has more than one meaning!)
walk in to the new world as a free-man with nothing on me ! ( I think you got the image!)
back to X-games.
Go to Cafe-shop and talk with Good old friend & family and live that feel with piano jazz and smell of
coffee with Carmel and chess -croissant… hohoh! I think i may go now!

cool thread Civx … i see learned something… keep it up dude.



Scary pic:


Funny, Nick…:evilgrin:

If this is where we are going:

Yeah, I know that some of these are getting old.:smiley:

I love cats, I take oever nao :smiley: lol