What web hosting company do you use for your blender projects?

For those that have their own websites, which web hosting company do you use? I want to ask those that have high traffic to their sites, do you need a dedicated server on this or just plain hosting? I’m planning on hosting high res images and animations as well (youtube tends to be slow at times) to show to potential clients. I been Googling for quite some time now and have read editorial reviews, has anyone have first hand experience on these web hosting companies: http://www.webhostingsearch.com/reviews.php


blenderstorm.org, planetblender.org, letworyinteractive.com (my professional blog), Studio Lumikuu, Finnish user group #blender.fi - they all run on Dreamhost. /Nathan

I have a mini review on my blog between GoDaddy and Hostmonster.
Shared hosting is more than enough. My plan (godaddy) is hosting my site, a few others, and a major local news site - no problems or speed issues.

I use InMotion. Other than a couple 5 minute hiccups where the server stopped responding its been pretty good in the six months I’ve been using it, I don’t have a huge traffic load though. There customer service has been excellent, if you can’t or don’t know how to do it they will do it for you withing reason of course.

A lot of hosting companies sites seem suspiciously similar. Be very very careful about the review sites. They make money if you go through their site to sign up so they are going to promote what makes them $$$$ and not whats best for you.

thank you guys, i’ll take a look at those links in a while :slight_smile:

Godaddy.com. Very few issues, spammy, annoying site. Fairly cheap, massive bandwidth (I host a few fairly high traffic sites).