What/Who the hell is Wu?

I frequent this forum and see references to ‘Wu’ poping up all over the place, yet I have no idea who, or what he is… And search didn’t help either since ‘wu’ is too short. :confused:

Wu (now Super Wu-Man), is the unofficial mascot of Blender.

Created by Sago.

He’s now Super Wu-man and he’s a wannabe super hero created by Sago, take this Dragon’s advice, and don’t get yourself in the influencial wirlwind he has caused. You get caught up and you’ll end up buying from his store and making pictures of him.

Like I say to all curious people, the forum Dragon is the right Dragon to go to to avoid anything Super Wu-man.

Please don’t listen to Cyborg Dragon. He haven’t seemed to lighten up his post count and dragon obsessions even after most ppl here telling him of his issues at this locked thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=81674

(Super) Wu Is basically a member here who somehow evolved into a kind of a accepted mascot of a superhero to this Blender3D community. He and Sago has a kind of humor and online personality that goes over well with most people on the board (beside Cyborg Dragon/Icoxo/Kansas_18 Of course).

Wu is the guy you discover in a thread one day and wish to hell he’d shut his big mouth and keep his idiotic opinions to himself. Then one day you come across Wu’s brilliantly insightful dissection of Elephants Dream (scroll to his post) and you realise that even Wu considers most of his own opinions to be completely idiotic too. After that, you just go along for the ride if it’s your thing.

Super Wu came to being, as I recall, in the lead up to and during the recent Blender World Cup Challenge. In the debate that ensued, Sago released caricatures of various combantants including a classic depiction of Super Wu (aka super wuman, super wu-man, super wu man, super woman, etc). This triggered responses from other forum members who saw the potential of the character to be something more than a simple, though brilliant, sketch (including an amazing 3D depiction of Wu plotting to win the challenge;)).

Wu, being Wu, naturally went along with the tidal wave that has become a forum phenomenon and has now changed his user name to Super Wu-Man.

Wu is responsible for the inspiration, Sago is responsible for making that inspiration a visual reality. Both are equally to blame. They have now started a Super Wu-Man store where you can buy merchandise and support the Blender Foundation.

Some people, however, just don’t get it :rolleyes:

Wu (吳) is a region in the Jiangnan area (the south of Yangtze River), surrounding Suzhou, in Jiangsu province of China. It is also the abbreviation of several kingdoms or states based in Wu. The largest city in the Wu region today is Shanghai. Most of the region speaks the Wu dialect.
The first Wu state was established in late Zhou Dynasty. Once considered as a barbarian state, it emerged to be a power overload at the end of Spring and Autumn Period.
The most influential Wu state was the Kingdom of Wu during the period of Three Kingdoms.
The city of Suzhou (also called Wu) has traditionally been the capital of the Wu states. The dialect spoken in Suzhou is usually regarded as the standard Wu dialect.
Go-on (呉音), which is one of the sources of Japanese pronunciation for kanji (the others being kan-on, tō-on and kan’yō-on), originated from this region. The Go- component in the name Go-on is cognate to the Chinese word Wu.

rofl, you people kill me.


Now I feel like part of the community again.

BAMM! It’s up there, thanks to yours truly.

and congrats to Modron, AndyD and M.h.p.e. for making the article, thanks to yours truly.


sago, some truly brilliant drawings!

The Super-Wu Man thing is funny, but he’s NOT our mascot.
If anyone should be, suzanne should be.

“Mascot” is probably an overstatement. He’s more like a plastic toy you get with a Happy Meal.

You just want to shun me off the board don’t you?
In all, Super-wu-man is nothing but a wannabe super hero with a giant ego. He wants to constrict the entire Blender Foundation in his influence, wait, scrap that, he wants to constrict the world.

Cyborg Doodoo, calm down, little man!

“Super WuMan” is just some guys screen name, who is a skilled artist and funny member of the community. Shut up!

You aren’t a freaking mecha-lizard, and Wu is not a wannabe super hero!

Jeez. (And don’t go off on a rant about “jeez”, either)

Why the hell do you think the damn world is against you? Have you heard a single word that anyone said in your (locked) thread?

Wu is also known to be the best at greenscreening (next to WeirdHat)

You’d think we all know that and that we are only known as those online do you?

I do know that really being those what we are known as online is impossible, so don’t say I’m too stupid to know.

You are kidding right? The content is always funny, but the technical part is far far far far far far far from good. Way far. Way way way way way far. It looks like it’s been made in kindergarden. But that’s not a problem because the content (just don’t say it’s (technically) good).

No man, not Suzanne. She’s Blenders mascot. I think BlenderArtists should get a mascot for itself.

For the Blenderartists mascot it should be a culmination of the well known people on this forum and the Blender foundation.

Anything but Super-wu-man.

Guess your right… But I still think he’s the second best it on the forums, as no one else really posts any chroma key videos.

For the Blenderartists mascot it should be a culmination of the well known people on this forum and the Blender foundation.

Anything but Super-wu-man.

  1. Super Wu-man is very well known in the Blender community.
  2. He’s been an asset to the community.
  3. He’s giving money to the Blender Foundation.

I think he’s the best mascot Blender could have. Besides, how would we have a Cyborg Wagon as a mascot?

Please stop turning every thread into a flame war…

a cyborg wagon would be brilliant. imagine the possibilities, or, lack thereof!! a regular, wooden wagon, with awfully exaggerated missile launchers, flame throwers, knives, laser rifles, and a barrel of hay!! it could tie in with the Wu-man game being developed in the Game forum.

Developed by evil scientist, Dr. Sago, this wagon, a weapon of death and destruction, is practically indestructible, unless if it catches on fire (which it often does to itself)

I guess with no more Zorros and no more Ztonzy we do need a new mascot.