what will 3.42 and up be?

i was just wondering what might blender 3.42 and up be?

The highlight of 3D afficianados everywhere, in the year 2021? :slight_smile:

Are you wondering what it will be like in the future, or did you want to know something about the current version?

what will it be in the future? like it will able to make games or pictures in about 30 seconds and render instantly cause thats what i think.

The pictures part depends on the hardware I would think.

As for the games, they will probably be easier to make, but it will still take alot of effort to make “Good Games”.

people it is multiple choice

At the rate Blender’s going, we’ll probably have 100’s of new features by then.

Be aware Max and Maya, XSI ect… is growing too. For Blender to beat them by then we’ll need to keep the accelerating feature commits going.

2.42 2.43 2.44 … 2.98 2.99 2.100 2.101 2.102 2.103 …

This may never end. Blender never gets to 3.42 :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, the developers might choose this route if there is no MAJOR redesigning. Considering what’s between 2.41 and 2.42, there might not be such a thing so MAJOR that it’s necessary to bump the big number.

Umm…what do you mean?

Not that Blender ISN’T any good, but I’ve read on these forums that it needs a lot of work in areas like Nurbs and such…

Please don’t dash my hopes for version 3.0 :smiley:

EDIT: Oh, and now that I’m learning Max too, it could probably use a LOT more modifiers; although there’s probably ways to do those in Blender already :confused:

3.0 would likely (would make sense in my opinion) be the first version not to be backwards compatible to the old format.


IMHO one of the biggest issues, that the future’s Blender has to handle, is how to manage the ever growing complexity. The codebase has almost grown by factor of five in four years of Blender being Open Source. (I dug this from blender.org website and Wikipedia. Blender 2.42 has about one million lines of code!)

A good program has to be balanced in this sense. It has to be workflow oriented and display only information that the user really needs. There’s information overload even in the UI we have now.

I believe UI will continue to develop towards more customisability yet maintaining the very basis, non-overlapping, hotkey oriented paradigm, at the same time. I believe the orientation of the developers will slowly shift towards UI as in any other successful Open Source project. Note that I am not stating that the current UI is bad or that the developers are not working on improving UI. This is just merely my own observation about Open Source projects in general.

Blender has matured a lot in recent years and will continue its growth. I really have no idea what Blender looks like in 2010.

Well short term (1 year or less) fully custom UI, recordable scripts and playback, high resolution sculpting, a number of architectual tool improvements (snapping framework), cloth, better crowd animation support, refinement of the animation tools, good quality paint tools, Ogre integration, better game creator tools in general, better external renderer integration (RIB support, etc.), improved speed and threadability of everything, node based sequencer.

A few future milestones would be easy asset transfer of properties (skin weights, armatures, animations); motion capture related tools - retargeting and such; volumetric shaders for fire and smoke; muscle and skin sliding system; ngons; matchmoving; integration with SVN.

I’m confident all of those will be present by 2010. Possibly even a decent chunk being present by 2008.