What will be better for blender and zbrush - 10700kf or 5600x?

In my country 10700kf costs less, and has 2 more cores, but twice tpd. Internets tests are all over the place, some show that 5600x is actualy better in some tests. So, when it comes to heavy poly modeling and sculpting in both zbrush and blender - what i should buy?

Go for the highest clock rate you can get. Multi threads and multi cores are not as useful for regular polygonal modeling since most of those operations are single threaded. Zbrush seems to utilize multi threading but some of it operations are not parallel either.

Gpu is most useful here when displaying the models, however for pure polygon modeling the cpu speed and the ram speed is the bottleneck. You also want the fastest possible cpu if you are considering to use the modifier stack a lot. For sculpting and modeling in Blender you want both to be as fast as possible.

For rendering in Blender , going for a recent gpu like rtx 3090 is the most ideal one. Here you can see that 3090 beats Amd’s monster cpus.


Thank you for such detailed reply. I sculpt in zbrush, and model in blender (usualy high on modifiers). I currently just want to decide on cpu and these two are my options.

Clock rate is not the ultimate arbiter of CPU performance though, as you need to look at a chip’s IPC as well (Instructions per clock).

For example, AMD’s FX chips technically beat Intel’s i7 line to the 5ghz mark, but the IPC sucked and those who failed to look at the latter were disappointed.

Currently, AMD’s top-end Ryzen 5xxx chips are the king of Single core and lightly threaded performance, but Intel is forecast to retake the crown in April with Rocket Lake. If you choose Rocket Lake though, there is a chance you will need some beefy cooling and a very good PSU to handle it well (as Intel is still stuck on the 14nm process).


5600x, especially if you are not going to be overclocking.


Very good advise.

My point was more about putting attention on the single core’s performance being more decisive on the most of the modeling operations in Blender.

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