What will CNN talk about now?

What will they talk about next?

I’d guess that it’ll be back to celebrity-based pseudonews and minor political scandals that voters in the respective districts don’t give two shits about.

Exactly, Robert Blake? or Gary Condit?

I’d like it if CNN can tell me precisley why a soldier in Baghdad was carrying an American flag which had flown over Congress… forget the fact that we made a whoopsie and revealed our colonization plans by covering Saddam’s statue with it… I’d like to know about the planning that went into shipping a flag from Congress… sending it to our soldiers in middle east, sending it over dangerous territory to eventually arrive in the center of Baghdad… I’d hate to think that Jessica Lynch ran out of ammo because there was a flag taking up space in the glove compartment…

I would like to know why high level executives at CNN made the concious decision to deliberately mislead the world about Saddam’s brutality for 12 years. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/11/opinion/11JORD.html

I think that calls into question any argument that organization makes at this point. Did their reporters see the remnants of anti-aircraft guns or missile batteries being trucked away from the scene of a brutal, deliberate attack against civilians? http://www.mediaresearch.org/cyberalerts/2003/cyb20030410.asp#8
I’ve heard at least one SKY news reporter say on air that that was the case, so I can imagine CNN is also culpable.

You forgot to add that all the Iraqis seen celebrating (tearing down statues, kissing US soldiers, badmouthing human shields etc.) are all actually CIA agents trucked in by Bush personally. How much ammunition was displaced by their presence in the armoured convoy? Jessica could have held off a division if our colonial aspirations hadn’t taken precedent. Hmmmmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmm?

well i think the next GREAT story cnn will show !!!

will eb North korea coming to WHOOP the US arse right back to where they came from, perhaps CNN will also capture the missle landing on a US city wiping out millions of people, perhaps it will be off air by then.

oh well WWIII will really suck!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

for the USA that is!!! and north korea, oh yeah and every BLOODY BODY ELSE, who has to put up with the fallout from us “mini nukes” (damn if i had one of those stupid inventions i know where i would stick that MINI NUKE)

oh well my ranting and raving over!!!