What will I and you use blender for in the future.....

Lately it came to mind…
Even though I don’t blend so much as I used to, I suddenly realized.
What I plan on using blender for is using Blender ALONE for compositing CG into Real World. It is the easiest thing to do in Blender. No AE. No Photoshop. No Video editing except for Blender and sticking it in. Also lightsabers. But the devs want to improve it! So yeah! Let’s Give a cheer for, MANGO, MANGO, MANGO! I will soon create a turtorial for this.

It would be interesting to see what you come up with!

whats the whole obsession with lightsabers? i think I’d prefer to see something like the default cube as lightsabers have been done to death. There’s a good tut from Andrew Kramer on videocopilot.net if you want to check it out…


It’s a penis thing. That’s why only male persons seem to make light sabers :spin:

*cheers along for the mangos

I’d be glad to make tutorials. On Ubuntu I dont have Mic, so it’ll appear all on screen OpenOffice. :frowning:
But on Mac I have Jing, so there’s audio. but I dunno but is something wrong w/ me mac? I need it to charge and all.

I will use Blender for work, wait I already do. :wink:

Don’t blame him, what 10 year-old does not have an obcession with lightsabers and just want to produce lightsabers for his whole life.

I will make art as usual.