What will Open Source do for you?

(humphrey) #1

What will Open Source do for you?

When Blender becomes open source what will happen? Will we be able to download it? Will there start be be all different versions of Blender floating around everywhere? How much will each of the platforms be supported?

and for the final question…

What could blender become?

If everybodies programing efforts where conbined into one MASSIVE project, just imagine the FREE STATE-OF-THE-ART 3D program that would result!

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(z3r0 d) #2

I wish, I wish opon a fish that… [ed quote?]
It would be really nice if open source software became popular, more than the corporate-powered versions but this is very unlikely. They have much power to do GOOD innovation, and that is something that it seems open source often lacks (not always)…

Honestly I believe the best features of commerical applications will be combined into blender (dynamic simulations, extendable archtecture…)

my point is that blender will probably either be the a) first to implement new ideas, but not the best, or b) not the first, nor the best.

I think I forgot my point. I guess I (no offense) think blender will never be THE BEST, but it is, and will be for quite a while more than suitable for most applications.

(azrael) #3

I think that blender will take a very long time (if ever) to gain the rank of top 3D app.

With that out I would like to say that I have no doubt that blender will be the best at something, be it animation, modeling, game making etc.

Blender will no doubt be the best (or only) at something but not nesaseraly at all things

(stukkm) #4

i doubt blender will ever be ‘the best’ only because it isn’t very well known or very popular. look at 3d sites and you’ll see sections in the forums for different 3d apps, but you more often won’t find a section for blender. it isn’t that blender isn’t capable of making great stuff it’s that people using other 3d applications aren’t willing to try blender or they’ll look at it and get confused with it’s interface, not taking the time to learn it.

but screw ‘the best’, i’d take blender over 3dsmax any day

(IMProvisar) #5

People download the code, people read the code, people improve the code, people publish the code, repeat. :slight_smile:

I don’t exactly understand the reason for the question, but the answer is, “of course”.

Probably yes, though I doubt any forks will be major releases that complete with the main branch. Likely just individuals or small groups of coders that want to try something different from the direction the main branch it taking. Think of them like experimental versions… if the experiment works, it’ll likely fold back into THE Blender, and make it better. If they fail, they fade away. If it’s successful, but so radically different that it wouldn’t help THE Blender to fold it back in, then it probably wouldn’t compete for the same audience, but rather bring another different audience into the Blender family.

The last option is the one most likely to cause a major fork (my thoughts, anyhow), and there’s nothing wrong with that. It wouldn’t be a better Blender that took people away from THE Blender, just another possible tool. Best comparison I can think of is this… Someone makes a hammer… it’s good for hammering things. Someone else who works on really delicate work, and uses finishing nails makes a copy of the hammer, but with a really small head so they can hammer the small finishing nails deep into the wood without damaging the surface. You have two similar tools, but would a carpenter framing a house switch to the new hammer? No… doesn’t fit the job. It’s difficult and often impossible to make one tool capable of performing all tasks perfectly… that’s why people have tool boxes full of dozens of tools… Screwdrivers aren’t jealous that they aren’t used to hammer nails.

There will likely be more platforms supported, with better support for each. Blender was designed to be as platform independent as possible (such as the UI made with OpenGL). I’m sure that tradition will continue, and the foundation will likely have many coders from many different platforms who have a stake in making sure their platform is supported, and who will do the work to make sure they are. This is something you probably didn’t have at NaN, though it was important to provide it for as many platforms as possible. If unsupported platform XYZ is used by any group of Blender users who are also good coders, then at least a few of them will likely join the project to make the adjustments needed.

Whatever we want to make of it.


(IMProvisar) #6

Oh, and on the poll.

I don’t know that it would become #1… in some ways, that depends on how you define it. For instance, take U.S. full size pickup trucks… Ford F150, Chevy 1500, Dodge Ram 1500. All could technically claim to be #1. In most reviews I’ve found, the Dodge Ram is the best quality, and has the highest customer satisfaction… they could claim to be #1. Chevy usually takes the place of “Best Value”… though not quite the same quality as the Dodge, they’re cheaper, and if cost is taken into account, they could claim to be #1. Ford… it usually ranks last, but it’s also the cheapest, and because money does matter, it’s actually the best selling. So, Ford can claim to be #1. So what’s more important, best quality, best value, best selling?

Blender may not become the best of the best. I wouldn’t even know, not having used anything else. If nothing else, I think it can certainly be “top tier”… meaning if you made a list of the best, Blender would be on it. Then, once you factor in the price, it may also become the most widely used. So… top tier, most widely used, perhaps you could call it “the #1 best”.