What works better with Blender, GTX970 or GTX980?


What works best with Blender, a GTX970 or a GTX980?

Check out the benchmarks!

For GPU rendering (cycles) the 980 is quite a bit faster but the 970 beats it when it comes to performance per dollar. Not sure how the 980ti is performing but I would bet it’s not far from the 970 in terms of performance per dollar plus has additional 2GB VRAM compared to both the 970 and 980.


Your choice is not very good
if you look at 970 price range, buy a 780ti, more cuda, much faster (eventhough last gen its actually a lot faster)

if you look at 980 price range, buy a 980ti, much much much more performance for about 50 to 75 $, its really really worth the little extra since its almost like double

For the GTX 980 vs GTX 980Ti I agree that once you are willing to spend +500€/$ it is better to buy the more powerful and with larger VRAM GTX 980Ti. Dunno where you can go from a decent GTX 980 to a decent GTX 980Ti for $50~$75, the difference is around $150.

GTX 970 - $310
GTX 780Ti - $380 (or so says TPU, I can’t find it cheaper than the GTX 980 in Europe)
GTX 980 - $480
GTX 980Ti - $650

I don’t see myself buying a GTX 970 for Blender but I can’t deny the insane cost/performance ratio. If you’re just starting and testing stuff I’d say this is the card to go. As YAFU warned you the card is advertised to come with 4GB of VRAM but may cause problems if you go past 3.5GB.

I use GTX 980 and it works fantastic so I think GTX 980 will work.

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here and i’m sorry for my English but i’ll try my best…I was looking for a thread like this to compare two different GPU, but in this case, honestly, if you have money to spend for a GTX980 go ahead and buy it because is better than the other one. In most of the cases we compare something with similar prices and this is the reason why the correct comparison should be between GTX980-4Gb and GTX780-3GB (in Italy the prices between these two cards is pretty much the same). The answer could be easy, 4Gb is better than 3GB, but if we take a look to the specs we’ll see some important differences.

GTX980: Core CUDA 2048; clock 1126 MHz; fill rate texture 144; 256-bit GDDR5 224 GB/s; 4 GB
GTX780: Core CUDA 2304; clock 900 MHz; fill rate texture 160,5; 384-bit GDDR5 288,4 GB/s; 3 GB

This is my 3rd year i have fun using Blender, but i don’t know how its algorithms works and i don’t know if i have to focus just on those 4 GB or to sacrifice 1 GB for a faster GTX780… What do you think about it?