what would be a good server?

I might make my own server with a friend.
it would be mainly for a big website and maybe a dedicated server for a game but we are still not sure about the game.

the problem is that we really don’t know what we need for a good server so we are getting as much information as possible.

also if somone could tell me good programs to make it work and to control it from a distance because it will be in my friends house.

Building a server usually starts with determining what you need, for just a simple webserver,you’ll need a coupla fast(10+k rpm) SATA’s a decently fast processor, if you have enough money, a dual core, or dual processor system is preferable, and a very nice net connection, as for remoting, linux has a bunch of remote admin tools, ssh being the most prevalent, and there are graphical stuff too, just note that allowing remote administration opens up a whole can of worms as far as security goes, so be careful.

setting up a server from scratch can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before, building it is easy, setting it up(yes even with windows server with its gui) can be tricky.

I’m oogling a dual core dual opteron setup right now :o though it would be just for rendering, so all of that horsepower could crank me out some wicked fast rendertimes.

I’ve got a a webserver in my closet. Here’s what it runs:

3 (slow and loud) scsi disks, around 90 gb total.
1 AMD Sempron 2400+
nForce 2 Motherboard from Abit
512MB PC2700 RAM
Gentoo w/
-Subversion (going to try using it for version control of art files)
-DHCP/DNS (well, not yet, would like to)
-Random stuff

If all you’re doing is server stuff, use linux and don’t worry about getting something as pimping at Centauri’s talking about, it’s IMAO total overkill.

yeah its overkill, but hey thats me :slight_smile: I like as much power as i can get :slight_smile:

thanks for your replys.

so Dittohead your website is made on your server i guess.

so i don’t need to much to make somthing that works well.

what about the power would 300W be enough?

and do you turn it of some times?

3800+ dual core
2gb value ram
raptor 150gb or 74gb
6800gs or 6600gt
a8n sli
floppy & other drives

get the biggest power supply you can afford. i would say at least 350w good psu (antec enermax ocz) look at the neo he psu its more efficient.

depending on connectoin speed you could have 2-4 games on it

Actually I forgot to note my current LAN server(file storage, DNS, DHCP, etc) I’m running a dual p3-850 w/ a gig of ram, a 160 gig hard drive and a couple of smaller scsi’s, oh and I have a 400W power supply, mostly just in case i had a bunch of scsi drives i found, which i’ve yet to find… :frowning: But its still a decent server, and if i had a fast connection, i would run my own webserver off of it, right now, its just an intranet webserver. It also doubles as my main modelling/render box, but since its just a lan server, its really not that in demand. You probably want a decent router too if you’re gonna have it at your house or somewhere like that, and set up some security, like a dmz and some ACL’s on top of the server’s own security, webservers get a lot of traffic, meaning you get someone wanting to do nasty stuff, well, without the most basic of security, you could be looking at people getting on your own lan from the internet, Not a good thing. If you’re putting it into a server farm, you dont have to worry about that though.


your i[ may be dynamic, and youd be sol on that if you wanted to host any web box

scsi drives wow. wish i had one of those beasts 15k would be awesome

Wow, ditto, I just saw your site. Very nice. If only all webpages would be like that.

well if i had a fast connection i sure hope i would have a static IP, DHCP usually only assigns leftover IP’s keeping the same IP address to the same mac, thats why there are lease times, so if a box is removed, its IP can be reentered into the pool. 99% of the time you’re IP’s gonna be static, the only time it could change if you reboot, which hopefuly wouldnt happen…

Scsi’s are nice(I’m running Ultra2), though SATA is far superior nowadays, unless you have SAS, which is pretty bleeding edge, which ironically can connect SATA drives too, my data transfer rates arent that great really, Sure i’ve got 10k drives, but the bandwidth is pretty small compared to well… SATA. even some of the new ATA drives have a faster bandwidth, but a slower seek time… SATA’s are fast, bandwidth wise,(150-300Mbps) and they are cheap, so a 15k SATA wont cost as much as an ULtra160(160Mbps) scsi for the same size, but the performance on the SATA’s is quite comperable. I reccomend SATA’s anyday, bottom line is they’re cheap!

dont think they make 15k satas

go with a seagate fiber…

ahh, my bad, Though in a lot of tests the 10k SATA’s beat 15k SCSI, but no 15k SATA’s yet :frowning: at least none that are reasonably priced. SAS is nicer than all of them, and allows you to connect SATA to SAS natively, I wonder if the opposite is true, probably not because SAS still uses the SCSI protocol.

scsi’s will beat any sata in a server enviroment. scsi 15k’s are designed for a huge random workload, which is what servers get. however, in data transfer, they are not as fast, as tests show

well thanks for your answer but my friend anouced me yesturday that we wont be able because even if he has a fast connection it is also used by his dads company so they have somkind of firewall and this blockes everybody from getting in.

so i keep what you all said in mind for the future. (well if the technology dosn’t improve to much).

actually all those things we mentioned are now obsolete. sorry bout that

try an old p3 733 with linux and 512 ram, dual 20gb raid disks, and a fast connection, install lighttpd and add whatever else you want (phpbb, hph, etc…) and you’ll be good to go for a server that has less than ~250 views per day. More if you have a faster connection.