What would be best way to have powder "spread" as it falls into the water?

what would be best way to have powder fall into water and then have it “spread” as it falls into the water?

I tried doing the “powder” as particles, using a sphere as the object for the particles. But how can I get the particles interact with the water so they behave as mentioned, like they “slow-down-and-spread” as they hit the water?

Thank you!

you can use drag an turbulence fields, for example, but brownian motions would be best to simulate diffusion. Maybe someone else knows how to key the brownian motion strength to a field?

Thanks Lord, yeah, I kept messing with it, and Brownian seemed to do a good effect, I did also did drag and that also did help too. It still doesn’t seem just right, but getting better. I thought I could also apply gravitation keyframes, but seems gravity is not keyable, which is a shame. Still trying to figure out a good way to make particles appear as if “floating” around as they enter the water.

Getting closer though! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

can’t you animate the “field weights” in the particle settings?

Hmmm Just curious if you could also use a flow map to control the direction?
I haven’t tried it but sounds possible…

Hey Lord & RSE, well, you can animate field-weights, but they are not “key-able” - so whatever you specify affects the whole animation as a whole. You can “key” the force-field within the particle-settings, but not sure how that works yet. But I can just simply create a new object and have that specced as a “force-field” and that works just fine. But still the “powder” effect doesnt seem right yet. The best I’ve got so far is have gravity weight at 0, apply brownian and play with particle velocity, and so far that seems to be the closest. I was going to upload the file where I had been testing the particles setting but looks like I didn’t save it, I did so many tries. Not sure what you mean yet RSE on the flow-map, gonna have to research that…

I’ll try to upload a test file again when I get a chance,

Thank you both for your help!

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