What would be possible?

I wonder, given the current version of Blender, an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of resources, what kind of games would you be able to create with Blender?
Would Blender be able to create commercial games? Would Blender even be able to create a revolutionary videogame if the right people develop the game?
We all know that Blender can output some great animations and renders (even things that near realism!), but how’s that for the Game Engine?

with todays standards, I seriously doubt it. The game engine just isn’t strong enough.

After the OGRE integration, and if the Bullet physics engine bugs get all sorted out, then maybe.

You can still make good games with blender now of course, but they won’t look as good as their commercial counterparts (and they won’t run as good either).

However that doesn’t really bother me now, because even if I had the graphics card that could support full HDR, a high-end shader, all running at some unholy framerate, graphics are just not that important to me anymore.

And besides, setting up that level of graphic “glitz” usually requires quite a bit of development time additional to the actual game logic, so it’s not something that I would look forward to.