What would be the best method for noob students to make interactive online web galleries

I would like my students to create interactively online web galleries like in industrial or interior design

simplified geometry obviously.

they / we don’t have any coding experience.

it should be more than sketchfab

I envision a room one could walk through and then on pedestals one can see student work models.
you click on a model and something happens.

kinda like being in a VR room just minus the VR

I looked into Verge3D for example but we are all cash strapped and 290 for each student would be too much.

The best method would be something like ThreeJS, a free JavaScript library. The problem is, if you want to combine “free” and “no coding required” for something like this… there’s not really any options, to be honest. All the free solutions I know of require coding, and all the non-free ones are easier to use.

You could use something like Armory or UPBGE, which would be free and interactive, but you’d have to do some Python coding most likely :thinking:

Govie (https://govie.de/) has a free option, but it’s extremely limited, I don’t think that’ll work either.

Honestly your best bet would be to watch some Javascript tutorials and use ThreeJS or something. It’s a super easy language to pick up and there’s a ton of tutorials out there

That is interesting I did not know about UPBGE !

I really loved the game engine.

Also I did not know that Armory has a web option.

I found this very interesting - he will chat with me next week

Godot is not only a good 3D web exporter, it also looks AMAZING, real time screen space reflection, Global illumination, real time SSS, ambient occlusion, people who have only seen crappy unity web 3D export have no idea what they are missing.
I did this 11 months ago to test Godot’s export capability, I was not expecting the quality to pull through due to what I supposed to be current web 3D limitation, I was surprised.
You need to use keyboard for the FPS walk through.

If you are on mobile, hence can’t use the keyboard to see the web 3D graphic, you can at least see a video of it as I displayed the building walk through as a by product of mentioning an add-on.

Did I mention that Godot is free and have an awesome community but will also DESTROY YOU if you talk shit about gdscript ? He he he

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