What would be the ideal way - the workflow - to combine these two meshes in Blender?

Object 1 (the one in edit mode):

Object 2 (the one in edit mode):

I want to combine their meshes so this dark line in the render is removed:

Everything is aligned and I made sure to recalculate the normals for both objects (going into edit mode (Tab), selecting everything (A). and clicking on ‘Recalculate’ on the Mesh Tools panel (T to bring it up)).

Does the process involve selecting both objects in object mode, joining them (Ctrl + J), going into edit mode and selecting everything, clicking on ‘Remove Doubles’ on the Mesh Tools panel, deleting all the faces on what was known as Object 1 that are touching what was known as Object 2, selecting a vertex on what was known as Object 1 and a vertex on what was known as Object 2 to create an edge (F), repeating the process until all the edges form the outlines of quads or triangles, and filling in those outlines with faces (F)?

Is this a typical way of doing it? Am I neglecting any shortcuts?

Hi. I doubt that those two elements are horizontaly aligned. If you suggest for their alignement by their origins, you may be dislead. The easiest way to create the second (small) part is to extruded it from the first. Then the problem is solved. :slight_smile: If you need help for modeling geometriy object call illko25 at skype.

the second shape looks simple enough that a few new loops and a little extruding and you have just built it on the first mesh would probably be the fastest. Else you could join them, and merge the touching vertices. You will also have to remove the toughing faces. But I would just build it into the first one.

Use “Ctrl+R” to start loopcuts, add two to the vertical and one horizontal, then probably delete two unseen edges on the back of the hook like object which will also remove three faces, then you’ll be able to use “W” and select “Remove Doubles” and if the verts are close enough (hopefully exact) then it’ll be a single mesh joined correctly.

> Add loops along the red lines (Ctrl+R)
> Join objects (Ctrl+J)
> Delete interior faces (the ones you cant see)
> Remove doubles/Merge verts
> Done