What would make a perfect 3D printed keychain?

hello everyone,

I used the Banshee model from starcraft as a keychain (see picture), but that is off course just a personal favourite now i’m thinking: what else would make a nice keychain? With 3D printing everything is possible, right?

would be great to hear your ideas.

banshee rush!! ;D 2 starports and cloked banshees.
did you 3d print it yourself?

nice how bout a battleship, or skull and crossbones? Mine would probably be a blender logo xDDD

@Aermartin: no I ordered them from a local print company. @evil moon moose, good one on the blender logo. Though your gas mask would make a good one too.

hmmm yes it would I hadnt even thought of the gas mask :DDD

If you want to, you can participate in a competition I am organizing. The best key chain design will win a 1000 dollar cash prize.

do you already have the cash flow for it? or is it sponsored already?

I am currently running a crowd funding project. http://www.indiegogo.com/3D-print-competition-to-launch-sharing-platform

But to give people an idea what they can expect it would be nice if some people uploaded their visions already, off course this is yet without guarantee that the actual competition takes place, but it’s a start and you don’t give away your model.

Hope you like it. Feel free to send me your thoughts

well its pretty smart, and invaluable if you can get the funding…i know a thousand bucks would definately help me out!!! :smiley: