What would the best way of creating a skydiving style game?

would you literally have the character falling or would it be more computer friendly to simulate falling by shooting obstacles at the player?

I would have the character so you don’t have to fight the physics engine as much.

Yeah, it would depend on what sort of game it would be. If you were going for a skydiving simulator I would have the character actually fall. That way it would be much easier to calculate the landing position etc.

If you were going for a stylized ‘falling’ game where you have to move a small amount to collect items as you fall it would be easier to add items as ‘shoot’ them at the player.

In terms of “computer friendliness”, in my experience its always a little bit faster to write your own game specific gravity etc and forgo bullets physics. But again this depends on the game a lot. Theres no point recreating the bullet physics simulations if you need most of its functionality anyway.

So what kind of game were you thinking?

I’d say, for any case, shoot objects at your character. It’s 10x easier, it looks cleaner and it’s better to work with. Just imagine creating a giant tunnel for your character to fall through? Not to mention that if you want to increase falling time, you’d have increase the size of the tunnel. Having the character static allows you to increase fall time by changing just one property. The second method is way better.