What would the dream blender pc build be made up of?

i was wondering what a dream pc build just for blender would be, it would be optimized for cycles but also game engine.
Which would be the best current components to make blender work at its peak/best.

CPU? which one would work most efficiently with blender?
OS? windows seems to soak up pc power?
GPU? dual gtx 580’s seemed to render cycles fastest but would this be the same for the gtx 600 and 700 series?
RAM? does the speed have an effect on the renders? 16gb recommended for production specs
Motherboard? would the best of the best be necessary? what would a good board?
storage: 256gb or 512gb ssd? and possibly a standard couple terabytes for renders?
Water cooling?
Dual monitors?

  • A meaty power supply and and awesome case

Anything else?:confused:

I’d just to like to know for the future.


Interesting thread, but I guess it is basically a matter of money. My two cents:

CPU: I guess just the fastest of the market. That would be the most expensive i7 you can afford. The discussion here would be whether choose speed or number of cores. But since blender is getting lots of multithreaded updates in lots of areas, I would choose number of cores.

GPU: It seems that ATI cards are faster in viewport rendering for some people. So maybe it would be worth considering having an ATI card for this. But I can’t be sure, I just have an Nvidia.

OS: Linux seems to be a little faster in rendering, iirc.

RAM: this depends of the scene. More RAM doesn’t do anything if you have enough. I would choose 8gb but spend more in quality and speed.

Definitely two monitors.

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That’s good news to this Linux Bigot.

Awww… crap! I’m gonna have to upgrade my KVM. :smiley:

The PC build I’m planning is going to include 16GB of memory as well as NVidia. Hoping to use Linux Mint, but may resort to UBuntu if need be. I had issues trying to get Blender 2.68 running on Ubuntu and ran out of patience trying to suss it out. If I’m actually doing a build of a new box I will take more time to get the dependencies correct.

For CPU, the best of the best is the high-end Xeon. Get a quad- Xeon motherboard for maximum CPU power.

Three of the fastest current nVidia cards (whatever they are at the moment you’re buying).

RAM: 96 gbs

OS: Really doesn’t matter with the horsepower listed above. :slight_smile:

An ASUZ Z9PE-D8 WS as platform… Why?
Dual CPU mainboard with 7* PCIe x16.

So a single system you can actually build and that’d run:

1 * Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
2 * Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition (6x 3.60GHz)
8 * 8GB DDR3 2133 ECC
6 * GeForce Titan with Watercooling to maintain 1 slot height
1 * Radeon HD7990 for viewport (Watercooled as well)
3 * 2KW PSU, 1 for System + Radeon, and 2 for 3 of the Titans each.
2 * 512 GB SSD for system in mirror raid.
4 * 3 TB HDD with a decent controller for Raid10 and HDD bays with cooling
2 * 26" IPS 2k displays
1 * Colorimeter
1 * Wacom Intuos
1 * Watercooling System (CPU, GPU, Chipset)
1 * Aquaero Watercooling Monitor/Controller
1 * BlueRay/CD/DVD-R/RW
1 * CM HyperX or similar case that supports 9 expansion cards.