What would u call intermediate level?

I`m trying to get a book called Blender 3D Incredible Machines by Christopher Kuhn and People said its good if your an Intermediate user of blender. So what would You consider an “intermediate user” of blender, please leave your thoughts in the post.

I guess to my mind, intermediate is or should be just as much about what it isn’t and that’s not being basic or beginner.

If you haven’t installed Blender, used Blender, know general interface panels/tools, how to add objects, adjust the viewport, difference between object/edit mode, how to apply a basic material/texture, render an image, etc, etc. All of these things are beginner skills and something that for the most part any intermediate book or resource would assuming you already know and hence may not mention at all or cover just in passing.

From a knowledge perspective, go through an look at the questions posted in the Basics & Interface support subforum. Can you answer most of the questions people are asking there? If so, then go ahead and answer those questions… and you can probably consider yourself at an intermediate level and therefore able to grasp the information in that book. :slight_smile:

Of course, there’s a difference between having an intermediate level of knowledge and being able utilize that knowledge at an intermediate level. One is about what you know. The other is about what you can do.

In Blender the term intermediate is so vague, so you can be intermediate in sculpting and in compositing you are a newbie.
About the book i have not read it yet but the author can be found in Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/Chris-Kuhn-3D-Artist-345392525548878/ go ahead as him, he is good guy, tell him what you can already do and ask him if the book is within your range :wink:
Good luck, happy Blending :slight_smile:

I’d say, buy the book, if it’s look too complicated study what it’s about and then go back latter. At least you’ll know what to learn.
If you haven’t used blender that much then chances are this isn’t for you yet.