What would you do if someone threw a 3d rock at you?

So what would you do? Inspired by a post on the Blending Nature thread.

Catch the rock then throw it back.

Or dodge it…

Wait… like a 3D movie? I think I’d rip out my eyes because I hate 3D movies :stuck_out_tongue:

Press H :stuck_out_tongue:

Be very impressed.

Unwrap it paint camouflage onto it and then throuw it back. But don’t forget tho extrude spikes and change properties to hard steal.

I’d speed model a really funny looking missile to destroy it before it hits me (/ignores the possible unintended consequences of exploding a missile at close range).

Change the rocks weight to 0.
Or scale it down to the size of a little pebble.

Hmm…turn it into a Volume rock that way it passes through me as though it were a cloud…:smiley:

Press H :stuck_out_tongue:

good one!


Ah!! I’ve got another!!

I’ll stop the animation!!!

Um …

  1. X and Enter.
  2. Move it to layer 20 and render it with layer 1 selected.
  3. Press Z. The rock can’t hurt you if it is just wire.

That’s pretty simple. :wink:


I would place Default Cube between us and laugh. Nothing beats default cube.


I dont know if people know it but all real rocks are 3d
we live in a 3 deminsional world and some of use live in a 4 deminsional world

so if some one threw a 3d rock at me I would definitely dodge it considering it is a real rock and might put my eye out

after that I might have to have words with this so called 3d rock thrower and they had better choose their words wisely

I’d Wrap it into a subdivided plane with a softbody modifier ! Paper beats the stone !

Happy Christmas !o)

Cloth-sim it :slight_smile:

I’d speed model a gun and use the rock as a clay pidgeon :smiley:

S, 0, Enter :slight_smile:

Would pack a explode modifier with some hooks and throw it back :wink:

Or would connect some driver to the stone;
A distance driver, so distance between the stone and me is all time constant :wink: