What would you do If you were a medieval merchant, selling goods in a village...

Hey everyone!

So I know this is kinda random and weird, but I need your help creating storyline for a new horror game I might be making in the next year or so, cool?

The game will be set near medieval weymouth England in June 1348 just before the black death has arrived through the ports, and shipping roughts.

All you need to do is this; I give you a scenario, or situation and you tell me in a sentence or two what you would do! I will use this info to make better, more detailed storyline for the game!

First situation:

Your laying asleep in an inn just a few minutes walk away from the village your selling to. You are abruptly awoken by a scratching noise on you window. You jump up to quickly check what the noise is, but what you find is not what you may have expected. You find that the word “marked” is scratched into the outside of the glass. At this point you start to hear whispers coming from the doorway, Getting louder and louder. Finally you hear something that sounds similar to a distant screach along with a great wind as your door slowly opens and your vision goes blurry, then completely black.

You car hear the whispers again, but this time loud enough to understand. They say this “we have chosen you for our task. You will join us with our insanity. Your time is soon now, and after it comes you will hate everything that isn’t there.”

You wake up on the floor, exactly where you “passed out” but everything seems just a little bit off. It’s still the middle of the night. The whispers have been silenced, but a cold chill hangs in the air…

What would you do In this exact situation? Would you go try to find help in the village? Would you stay where you are and pray the morning comes?

I would love to hear your idea of what to do, down in the comments!

PS: If we get lots of response I might try this again with some more scenarios :slight_smile:

For a second, I was expecting some kind of fun forum roleplaying game, but the way you describe it almost sounds like you want us to help write a story for you. I guess I’ll play along for the sake of it anyways. shrug emoticon

>I go out and investigate the spooky noises. I bring a weapon with me. In case if there isn’t a weapon, I tear off the bed post, break the window glass and used the remains to forge an improvised bladed weapon.

Thanks for your opinion! I’m sorry it wasn’t what you were expecting but thanks anyway;)

And yes/no. I’m trying to write the story for the game, but trying to get an idea of what an average person might do. It’s hard to Invision that if you kindof already know what might happen.

It still sounds interesting, but I just hope it doesn’t get railroaded into whatever direction the author wants to take the story to like with other things I’ve seen, which usually isn’t as fun. Sorry if I came off as a bit smug.

Also, “average person”. Yeah, I’m definitely not that kind of guy. :slight_smile:

in my case i would get out and try to leave the village at once , this is witchcraft and witchcraft come with demons , if i have friend,s or family i would try to make them come with me, and leave anything behind man, that what i would do

Thanks! Great input :slight_smile:

yeah u2 , this is the reasonable thing to do after you see something like that ,run

Running’s a bit cliched though in horror styled genres, right next to calling the cops. The first guy to try to leave is the first guy who dies. Otherwise, horror movies would be a lot shorter.

yeah but maybe this is an exception the usual story,s sometime,s get,s to be boring

I would seek go on a quest to seek and destroy the entities that arrived at that night. I will be a mage and seek a guardian for help destroying the entities.

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Great, thanks!

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