What would you do if your neighbour killed your cat?

Okay, so here’s the deal:
I have a very disturbed, very schizophrene and very mean sneaky son of a (…) of a neighbour with whom I had an argument the other day, at the end of which he said: I’ll get you!!.
2 days later, I come home from a walk with the dog, to find my cat(5 months of age, so… a kitten really), lying on the ground, while having some sort of spasms/convulsions, puking, coughing up blood, 1 day later, she’s all dried up on the inside and is unable to keep her heart and lungs going(so I guess it’d be rat-poison). this evening, she passed away.
I sat in front of my door with my girlfriend and another neighbour discussing it and the schizo was standing in his doorway, listening and grinning in a very guilty kind of way. Ofcourse I can’t be certain since I didn’t see him feed her the rat-poison, but if he did it… consider it being your pet… What would you do?

i would want to kick his door down and hit him with a sledge hammer in my fantasy.

i would probably just knock on his door and politely hit him with a baseball bat in reality.

but thats just me…

revenge, though id have to change my WarCry from “for the pony!” to “For the kitty!”

no, but seriously, if that neighbor REALLY has some issues, then perhaps, idn. police? who ever is called out for such things, as this might be for the good of more that just you and/or your other neighbors, maybe? otherwise, if the person did it with, whats the word, sanity, just go and give a proper punch, and make it hard.

Yeah, I’, gonna get him homeless and try and see this as something positive since the police said “You can do anything to him as long as we don’t see it.”. I’ll probably just get him homeless and make sure he never walks again(EDIT: with that, I mean: break his kneecaps beyond repair).

Anyone who kills a cat painfully . . . for no good reason deserves capital punishment !

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EDIT. I posted a little too quickly last time, I thought it would be better if I took the sensible route, which LOTRJ already posted below me.

Do some research on animal cruelty laws in your area, see if there is an agency that can do something. (Like the ASPCA)

I would, but the man is sick, I never said he was dumb or ignorant, there’s no proof whatsoever.

Perhaps there is. Have a vet autopsy the cat if you haven’t buried her already. If they determine that she was poisoned and you know that he threatened you, perhaps authorities could try to get a warrant and possibly find the stuff he gave your cat.

they allready determined she was poisoned, so indeed, that’s a start, I’ll look into it, see what I can do.

Since there’s absolutely no proof I don’t think there’s anything that can be done legally.

And the law frowns upon personal justice so if you firebomb his house try not to get caught.

ide cut his breaks

We had an elderly gentleman who claimed to have drowned cats on TV because he said they were vermin or something, and the local ZM radio station actually named him, told the listeners on how to get his phone no and address. The only thing was that no could prove he did it, even though he gave details instructions. Well he did get a letter from me, even though he lived down the line!

was ur cat castrated? might wanna think about castrating that man

Here’s my thoughts. I would take Anduril in one hand and Gurthang in the other and do what Anakin does to our little friend Duku in episode 3 or whatever one it is in.

was ur cat castrated? might wanna think about castrating that man

My cat is neuted . . . the rest of the nation are just blunting their knives to do that man!

i would never kill a poor little kitty, unless it tried to kill me first.


omg dude just beat the snot out of him. just do it… and what about our movie?! but no joke man. just give him a nice sucker punch right to the face

Not to get you worried or anything, but if you really think he poisoned your cat, I would watch out for your dog too (again not to make you worried).
Oh and punch him in the face…

just make sure your cat didnt do anything evil first…