What would you do if your neighbour killed your cat?

Yeah, revenge is sweet and all that, and all the testosterone pumped adolescents will recommend punching the son of a bitch in the face, or worse, but if I were you I’d seriously consider moving.

If you can get evidence he did it, the police get involved, he gets jail maybe, or a fine, sooner or later he’s back next door. Hating you, and looking for worse ways to “get even.”

If you cannot find evidence he did it, then, either he didn’t do it, or he did. If he did and you can’t prove it, he feels like he got away with something, and the next thing you know, he’s up to something worse (why? because he thinks he can get away with it, he’s a nut, remember?)

If you can’t prove it because he didn’t do it, then he winds up with a somewhat legitimate grievance against you that in a normal person wouldn’t be a problem, but with a nut will simply convince him to actually do something to justify his “reputation.”

You are in a lose, lose, lose situation. People like that bring out the worst in everyone they come in contact with. Break contact. Life’s too short.

I don’t think revenge would help you in anyway with this guy. If he is already nuts, he’s just going to get even with you for anything else you would do to him. That goes for the police too, that would more then likely just make it worse later on. I would put up a very tall fence, and plant some nice bushes. And probably keep the pets inside from now on. Get yourself a cool security system too while your at it. Some video cams could be useful if he ever does anything else to you.

I’ve seen cats and dogs die of rat poison, it’s the most disturbing thing to witness. Go to the cops, your neighbor threatened he was going to get you and now your cat is dead, that’s proof enough.

If you let him get away with it, like everyone else is saying, he will be back for your dog. Animal cruelty that’s jail time for sure.

Get yourself a cool security system too while your at it. Some video cams could be useful if he ever does anything else to you.

and constintina wire, and claymore anti personel mines, and sentry guns, and a pit of rattle snakes, and DNA scanners, and a fat chick with no shirt, and laser tripwire thingies, and attack dogs, and a 20 foot concrete wall!
OOH! put out a egg salad sandwich too! oooooo, scary!

You can get someone in court for just threatening you. Do that, and further the case to the alleged murder, and then the cops will be more likely to obtain a warrant that can find the exact poisoning that was used in his house. BUT… with the warrant part, do it silently, so he doesn’t have time to hide or get rid of it first.

Oh, and don’t forget to accidentally drop rat food in his plumbing. Harmless, but funny.

And, you can get a restraining order, in which he cannot go near you or your house under penalty of law. In other words, HE will have to move. Much better that way.

twin gage shotgun… jk

I would call the cops, its better then kicking his ass and then going to jail.

rat food?

isnt everything rat food?

I’m a little disturbed by the flippantly virulent attitude expressed here.

Violence only begets violence. That’s why we in the west consider ourselves civilized --we learned from the House of Atreus and made personal revenge illegal.

Best response comes in two parts: personal and legal.

Personally, I would have simply asked him why he did that to me. Why he killed my cat? What possible reason? [For some silly argument?] If he has any conscience at all it will at least take him back enough to acknowledge (to himself, if not to you) that what he did was wrong.

Legally, you’ve already been given good advice. People capable of such violence get worse the more they get away with it. Be sure to tell him why: he murdered your cat and that is simply unacceptable. You have to protect yourself and your friends and pets from any future such stuff. Make sure the search warrant is not advertised before it is executed though.

Psychologically, if you take an angry or vengeful stance, you will have satisfied him. If you act calmly and lawfully, he doesn’t get his kick and the onus is on him.

My most sincere condolences.

I think I’ll probably provoke him to the point that he will take a swingh at me… in what case I will do nothing back. The last time he hit anyone, he was put in a psych ward for 5 years, so I think that’d be my best bet.
thanks for the responses and input.

pay for an aggressive dominatrix hooker & send to his house with the understanding that he (pretend your him) likes to fight back. That’ll fuck him.

An angry postit note, make sure its a red one.

Buy a new cat.

Don’t fret about it. The cat and his (her) friends will certainly get justice in his dreams. He will be tortured beyond anything you could do. You may hear him screaming as he tries to run through toothpaste in a pathetic attempt to escape. Things have a funny way of working out.

i will now dance like a diseaesed chipmunk to honor your dead gerbil…

I’m with Douas, superkoop and Orinoco. You live in the vicinity of a madman. You don’t want to escalate the situation. You don’t teach him a lesson. He’s schizo. Move or find ways not to bump into him. He sounds a bit sociopathic and it’s likely he thinks society in general and you in particular owe him.

Trying to get him to take a swing… make sure he’s not the kind that packs a switchblade and punctures a lung instead. These vengeful ideas are very dangerous in your case.

Ignore him for now. Being the kind of individual he seems to be, he’ll sooner or later provide a silver-platter opportunity of being put away.

We had the same problem. Our neighbor across the street would purposely put cans of tuna out in his yard laced with Anti-Freeze. He ended up killing our cat.

I would say from the symptoms that most likely your cat suffered the same fate. Anti-Freeze is a common poison that sick-o’s often use to kill cat and dogs. Animals like the sweet taste of it. Even if they get caught they usually just say “Ohhh… he must have licked some up from my Driveway/Garage!” There’s really no way to prove that they purposely put it there to kill your pet.

I also had a neighbor kid that would often spit on my door, call me all kinds of obscenities, and even let the air out of my car tire one day. I took the liberty of slashing the tire on his bike. It never really stopped until one day he was pulling his crap and I called the police. Seeing two, 6 foot cops question this kid was pretty funny. I thought he was going to crap his pants. A few days later his mom came and picked him and his sister up and they lived with her from then on. Problem solved.

Point is… LOTRJ is right. Even if you can’t prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt, having a cop over at his house questioning the guy may get him to pull his head out of his ass! If he tries/does something else, it will tell the authorities that this guy has a pattern of this type of behavior and it will be on record. It will also alert your other neighbors of what type of person this guy really is.

Remember… Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

i´d call the cops!

your cat will rise from the dead and beat him up.


What a nice picture!

Way to play the adult dude. Well played indeed.