What would you do with $/€ (etc)100?

Imagine you have 100 (in your currency) to spend, what would you spend it for?

Don’t need to be just one product, more can too :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment if I had I would spend 100 € to:

How to Design and Build you own Home (25€)

So… You wan’t to build a house (20€)

Both books are rated as very good (5/5 stars), and although it’s idealistic for me (and my budget) to build a home (not that I need it now), I do want to find out what it takes to build your own.

Car Builder’s Manual ( 27€)

I already have Car Restorer’s Manual from Haynes, for (hopefully)a later rebuild project.

That’s leaves me with 28 € to spend…hmmmm

100 DVD+R 16x Platinum DVD’s (26€)

So… What would you do?

I would buy a new wife.

I’d use it to pay part of what I owe on my Vet bill.

give it to the blender foundation or ba

can i use my 100$ to buy 1 billion $'s??

Put it in the bank.

At the moment I’m saving all my moneys . . . intend to get a house at some stage!

Cyborg dragon-shaped fleshlight for sure.

for 100.- eek id probably get a bottle of rum…

Hmm, ok well if that’s what makes you happy. :eek:

I would personally use my €100 to buy something technology related. Deciding what would be the hard part. I would like to try out a graphics tablet - there are a couple around that price. I wouldn’t know whether to go for a graphire4 or a bamboo though. I don’t know if the ones at that price are too small for real work - A6 size. Otherwise I might just grab an external hd - boring, but handy. Or maybe a set of really good quality headphones. Oh, decisions…

I would wave at it.
Well that seems to be what I do with the rest of my money.
Just wave goodbye.
“Bye bye money…”


It would go in the bank. Just like the $250 check I have sitting here.
But I guess if I just had to spend it, I would get a graphics tablet. I’ve wanted one for about a year. Or maybe I would use it towards faster Internet, I could just about triple the speed for another $15 a month.
But it would actually just go in the bank.

meh maybe buy a memory upgrade, but hell. I live in Alaska and it’s PFD time! ($1600 check :slight_smile: )

i own a graphire, and its a6, witch is just fine! :smiley:

Well, I’m married, with kids… After I’ve showered this morning, I’ll be off to go buy a vacuum cleaner, then when I come back, I need to pay a few bills online. Thats quite a bit more than 100 in any currency.

If I was in next door in Zimbabwe, with 4 500% inflation rate, a 100$ note would make for some pretty rough toilet paper.

Hmm, where from? I can’t seem to find a place that sells DVDs at reasonable prices here.

I’m learning how to build circuits with surface mount (“SMD”) components, so I ordered this stuff this week:

ITEM#          DESCRIPTION                            QTY    TOTAL     
G16165         SALE! Tiny Vibration/Tilt Switch Type B1.00   $0.89     
A10043         24C04-6 DIP8 Serial 4K EEPROM          1.00   $0.95     
A10437         24LC256IP 256K I2C™ CMOS Serial E1.00   $1.49     
A10209         LM555CN Timer                          2.00   $0.90     
A10341         LM78L05ACM 3-Terminal Positive Regulato3.00   $1.35     
A10433         MAX232CPE Powered Multichannel RS-232 D3.00   $4.20     
A10365         TLC556CDR SMD IC Dual Timer            3.00   $2.13     
G16267         Panasonic EVQ-WTEF2515B Mechanical Rota2.00   $2.98     
G16127         Tiny SMD Pushbutton Switch (Pkg of 5)  1.00   $1.00     
G16301         Small Piezo Element with Wire Leads    2.00   $2.50     
G16368         Super Bright Micro Red LED (Pkg of 25) 2.00   $2.50     
G15939         Tiny Micro Pushbutton Switch (Pkg of 4)1.00   $1.00     
G4496          Broken Solar Cells                     1.00   $3.98     
G663           2" x 3" Plastic Zipper Close Bag (Pkg o1.00   $4.00     
G8044          SMD Electrolytic 10 uF 50V Cap (Pkg of 1.00   $1.00     
G7070          SMD Electrolytic 220uF 35VCap          1.00   $1.00     
G15844         Right Angle PC Mount DB-9  Male Connect2.00   $2.00     
G15697         5.5" x 6" Scissor Cut SS Copper Clad   1.00   $0.99     
G1267          1" White Heat Shrink (4 ft.)           1.00   $2.50     
G13692         6 Pin Mini Din Receptacle (Pkg pf 5)   1.00   $1.00     
G1841          Spy Mike (Pkg of 2)                    1.00   $1.00     
G16321         Super Micro Pager Motor                1.00   $1.19     
G2602A         Mini Piezo Disc (Pkg of 10)            1.00   $4.00     
G6830          ALPS 50K Pot with Push Switch          1.00   $1.00     
G32174         ICL7673 Automatic Battery Back-Up Switc2.00   $0.98     
G32128         555 Timer IC                           3.00   $1.17     
G13767         SMD Phototransistor (Pkg of 5)         1.00   $1.00     
G15176         T018 Metal Case CDS Cell               1.00   $1.00     
G1994          Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor (Pkg of 4) 1.00   $2.00     
G7381          Tube of 40-Pin IC Sockets              1.00   $1.50     
G13780         Citizen Micro Speaker (Pkg of 10)      1.00   $1.00     
G14071         Unique Micro Joystick Switch           1.00   $1.99     
G13518         SMD Pushbutton Switch (Pkg of 4)       1.00   $1.00     
G14045         Mini Pushbutton Switch (5)             1.00   $1.00     
G14610         Negative Temp Coefficient Bead Thermist1.00   $0.99     
G2005          Thermistor (Pkg of 5)                  1.00   $1.00     
G16221         Handy Removable Tie-Wraps (Pkg of 20)  1.00   $1.10     
G14080         5" Long Locking Forceps                2.00   $1.98     
G951           24KHz Ultrasonic Transducer            2.00   $3.00     
G1587          SALE! Handy Solder Wick                2.00   $1.98     
G7128          Giant SMD Assortment                   1.00   $15.00    

SUB TOTAL :    $83.24  Promotional Discount : ($4.16)
TAX :          $0.00
SHIPPING :     $7.00
ORDER TOTAL :  $86.08


Subtotal:    $21.25
Ship to 48 Cont. States::    $8.95
Total:    $30.20

With any luck, this will become Blender related for me sometime soon; I’m interested in trying to build motion capture rigs… which probably won’t require surface mount components! Actually, all I really needed were the non-surface-mount MAX232s, but I decided to get a “few” extra surface mount components to play with, and things just kind of spiraled out of control from there…

Of course, last month, I spent $3000 at the dentist… which wasn’t very fun. :frowning:

What is it, 100 USD or 100 EUR? I’d choose 100 EUR since, today, that’s worth 141.536 USD.

So what to do with it… Oh well, why not go out with my friends and spend it on a wild night out. And save some to give my girlfriend a little something so she can give me something in return somewhere in a secluded place where my drunk friends can’t find us :eyebrowlift:

You’re saying you have to pay your girlfriend money in order to get lucky in the bushes? :rolleyes: