What would you do with $/€ (etc)100?

I would buy a new tablet :frowning: my poor poor tablet :’(

Sarah… you subscribe to Make Magazine, too? I love that mag :smiley: If you’ve not seen it already (tho i’m almost certain you have if that’s the sort of hobby stuff you do) it’s got some pretty awesome projects and ideas.

When people give a “little something” to someone, they give a gift. Now, I wonder how come you interpreted that differently than everyone else would. Does that mean your girlfriend is a gold digger?

Poor man… he can’t be helped…

Naw I was just trying to make a joke. Your wording left a teensy bit of room for one, though I do know what you actually meant :wink: As for my girlfriend being a gold digger, I can safely say no, as I currently don’t have a girlfriend. But if I did, I would make sure I chose someone who was very conservative financially.

Back on-topic, graphics tablets are definitely the popular choice.

I don’t subscribe, but I’ve seen it… and I thought it was a neat idea for a magazine when it first came out.

Actually, I started in electronics before I ever got my first computer, and I’ve had several jobs that involved designing hardware and/or writing software for embedded systems. I’ve been trying to get my hardware skills back up to speed in the last couple of years, but it’s quite a challenge to find the time to do that! And I’m really hoping I can do hardware stuff that will integrate with my Blender stuff, because I love using Blender, too! I have a Blender-related hardware project I’m working on; I’ll start a thread for it if I can get the silly thing even close to working… more likely I’ll get busy or distracted and never get it finished! Sigh.