What would you want from Softimage to Blender 2.8?

(kindi) #1

1- When you click middle mouse on a menu, it runs its previously used command (or menu). This makes workflow better i think if its possible…
2-Tearing and customazible menus.
3-When the Cursor on the point or edge or face (in tweak mode), that highlights point or edge or face sametime. You dont have to press and swtich point mode or edge mode or face mode constantly.

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(highbeamstudios) #2

Tweak tool was great,
Render passes were second to none, One of the biggest things I miss from SI
ICE would be nice
Scene explorer is much better than blenders.
And many many other things.

(m9105826) #3

Outliner, properties panels, and ICE. A million, million times ICE.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #4

Schematic view. I think this is the most serious part (core if not all) in a 3D enviro. Even Unity has it.
You can script, tag, arrange (nodes, elements), quickly see constraints…
It´s like a presidential suit to watch a superbowl game at the stadium.
(notice the “C” on the boxes, a “C-onstraint” active.

(Luis Riera) #5

Besides ICE , partition pass system was very robust. Does blender has something similar?

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(apoclypse) #6

ICE, The hair tools, the NLA animation stuff, Tweak tool, the UI, the viewport performance, the partition/pass system, schematic view. Really there are too many things to count. It was imo the best 3d application ever built.

(Indy_logic) #7
  • ICE was very cool and something like it is coming with the “Functions” project.
  • Hair tools were just Shave and a Haircut which I did not care for. modifer/node based systems like Ornatrix, Xgen, Hairfarm and Yetti are so much better. We will get there eventually with the everything nodes project and the new particle system (later in the 2.8 series).
  • Softimage created NLA and they were arguably the best at it because it existed at the core of the program. Blender has had NLA for a while now and while it does work, there are some areas that could definitely be improved. That said, I actually like the NLA in Blender now that I’ve gotten used to it.
  • Tweak tool is present in Blender. It’s the arrow tool within the selection tool menu. You can hit Q to cycle through them. But yeah, the edit tools in Soft were still much better.
  • The render pass system in soft really set the bar back in the day. Blender does have a system in place but it’s taken a step backward with 2.8 since they ripped out the old version for the new Collections. Eventually, (again, within the 2.8 series) we will get Overrides and that will be pretty much amazing for making render passes.
  • As far as Schematic view goes, I’ve never been a big fan. I never used it in Max, Lightwave or Soft. I always found it hard to navigate around the scene and see the names of things, etc. I’m not dissing it, I know there are people who love it but for my tastes, It’s not something I use. A good scene manager/list/layers/collections editor worked much better for my brain.

All that said, I really do miss Soft. It’s a tragic loss for the industry.

EDIT: I just realized that it’s the ‘W’ key that cycles through the selection tools not Q. Sorry. :wink:

(EddieChristian) #8

The ability to easily edit and rotate Pivot Points…

(highbeamstudios) #9

Can you explain the tweak tool in blender. I haven’t seen anything similar in blender compared to Soft?

(bnzs) #10

and promo of XSI in general

(TheRedWaxPolice) #11
(Hadriscus) #12

The only thing missing from the video is the sliding while keeping volume. Maya has such a tool and it’s really cool… I’d dig having that in Blender. Tbh we can totally shrinkwrap+correctivesmooth but it’s less interactive.

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(highbeamstudios) #13

Thanks for the video but the tweak tool in SI was so much more than just moving points etc, gives you the ability to weld, snap, slide components while keeping the shape of the object etc all with one tool. Very very cool stuff.

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(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #14

oh gee, why didn´t I think to have a tweak tool, I just needed to shift+select them all? :roll_eyes:
Guess what happens when you go proportional…

(highbeamstudios) #15

What happens when you go proportional?

(Hadriscus) #16

Not sure what you mean by going proportional ?

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(Richard Culver) #17

Not sure if anyone mentioned Face Robot. That was pretty cool. And I think from my intermediate understanding of Blender rigging, it could be done as an addon.

But… mostly. Viewport performance. I think it is still the best, which is amazing for a tool that is so old now.

And although ICE was mentioned. Did anyone mention Lagoa or ICE rigging? Or ICE modeling in particular?

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(bnzs) #18

and this is 2009 …

And about viewport performance

ICE (2010y)

For now i think who worked in XSI as a rigger, TD, VFX, programmer - only way do same thing in same convenient way as they did it in XSI - Houdini ONLY. (around me are couple live examples…)
When AD did kill XSI i dreaming about they make them GLP or it would be great if some one like Ton be found, so that he could agree with AD to buy the XSI for donations and make them GLP - I am sure that the necessary amount (even if it were millions) would be collected very quickly (I would have participate and a few more of my acquaintances would have participated, I think that even them https://www.bulgarov.com/ would participate).

(Richard Culver) #19

True but I think that they wanted to be able to use some of the technology. And it appears as if they did attempt to do that in Max.

Yeah Softmage was indeed a great tool. I actually still have my copy of the last version. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Paul) #20

But 3,4 mill polys aren’t that much. Blender is still really responsive with over 30 mill polys and thousands of objects on a titan x.

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