What would you want

Would you rather be able to fly or to be able to breath under water?
and why/not?

I would like to be able to start threads this useful…


Defiantly Fly, It is easy enough to use Scuba gear, but really hard to actually fly (not glide) without a very big engine strapped to you.

Fly! There’s not a lot of places to swim around here…

My kids can already breathe under water. they showed me. they blow a bubble of air, and then catch up to it and suck it back in. very weird.

I guess being a smurf can have its advantages…

Either that is one of the funniest replies I have ever seen or I need more sleep.

It would appear that flight is the landslide victor.

I voted to fly as well, but I think being able to breathe underwater would be awesome. You’d be able to scratch ‘drowning’ off your list of possible ways you might die.

Being able to fly would be awesome. just think about the career possibility with that. Low-cost stuntman (still the same pay, just low cost cause of the lack of need for safety equipment), messenger, rescuer, and tons more stuffs.

Plus it would saves on gas :smiley:

Flying would be so much fun. you could just go anywhere and do tricks and stuff.

The only downside: no inflight meals… Oh wait, airlines stopped doing that anyway…

Oh, fly definitely, I’d imagine that the underwater pressure would still kill you, even if you could breathe.

If resistance to underwater pressure would go with ‘breathe underwater’ I’d definitely choose for being able to breathe underwater. We can see the skies every day, and we can see from the skies using google maps. Breathing underwater (and being able to resist the pressure) would allow you to visit places where nobody has ever gone before. Which is awesome.

I think I’ll search for the ancient city of R’lyeh.


Wow Sandrew… I just put ‘breath underwater’ cause I didn’t want to copy everyone else.


So I can don’t have burn so much time at LAX waiting for my flights.

Okay then. Given that pressure no longer effects your body negatively what would you choose? This includes both deep sea and above clouds.

Either resist pressure underwater or get oxygen from the outer atmosphere?

I suppose one would need to learn his limits rather quickly.

Icarus didn’t get a second chance to learn from his mistake.

can we survive in space then?

If I could have my wings physically again instead of just having them as phantom limbs flying would be so useful, no more walking long distances.

Bro, you dont have phantom limbs. You dont have nubs on your shoulders. Good lord.