what wrong with my touch sensor ?

i very new in blender, and i have a problem

why my touch sensor not working ? :no:

specifik story :

i have 3 scane, i use object plane with touch sensor to jump scane

if my character walk n touch my sensor, so automaticly jump scane

but, this not work, plz help me

this code p.blend (1.02 MB)

and 1 again, how to setting collision object and my charakter. :yes:

Simple. :slight_smile: You need to make “anabox” Dynamic.

i have try make anabox dynamic, but char falldown, and through the floor

You have to set the collision bounds to box and make sure it is on.

thank`s it work

n how with my touch sensor problem ? , how if it touch with my char , and jump another scene

hmm, mr

can u give me a sample project, or repair my source, so i can learn it :slight_smile:

If you are not busy.

The near, radar and touch sensor only detects objects with enabled Actor (Physics–>Physics–>Actor).
I have fixed some problems in your file.

OMG, very very thanks HG1 :slight_smile:

i can continue my work :slight_smile:

if any problem i can back :slight_smile: