what you got for christmash ?

seemed that last year there was much more christmash spirit here. I am
an old fart to put this kind of topic, but its fun to hear about cool stuff people have gotten for christmash.
Anyways i got some colone and a book that is not an artboook but i consider it an artbook, since the photos are great and it has nice architecture.

edit->Actually there maybe lot of christmashy things going on, havent been around much lately. I wish everyone punch of christmash spirit, and enjoy the holidays

Merry Christmash everyone

The lack of Christmas spirit may be that you live in a part of the world that gets Christmas first: it’s still 2:40pm Dec.24th over here in Ontario (Canada)! Lucky dude.

Well, we celebrate the “gift giving” part on the 24th. I got a couple of surely fun dvd’s (Pat&Mat and Flying Dagger kung-fu comedy), a book about TinTin stories’ original backgrounds, a calendar, some money, and a strange finnish puzzle, and a poster, some candy. I also gave presents, which is at least as nice as receiving them. Merry Christmas to you too =).

Its not even lunch time the day before Christmas here.

It’s not yet christmas here, but I’ll tell ya this, all I got was alot of random stuff, but down in in the ol bible belt, we cherish the company of friends and family with some alcohol lol,
It’s not a christmas for us unless we have some rum or white russians

Not much over here because my parents are taking the family on a plane.
2 polos, pajama pants (so comfortable ;)), and 2 dvds (which I want to return).
Using b-day money, I bought myself The Illusion of Life and The Animator’s Workbook. :evilgrin:

a collared t-shirt