What you need to use a blender character design?

I’m getting into designing game characters and assets for all you game designers. What do you need aside from the finished model to use the model? I have a UV map, but can’t bake textures and normal maps ect in blender cycles. Are these maps needed by you, and whats the best most common format to export to?

I don’t think that Cycles is really the way to go for character design since it does not have texture baker support and also, even if it did have texture bake support, you would be limited to only using the texture procedural’s since baking lights into a models textures is not really a good idea for any model that will be moveable.
Although you don’t have to offer textures, I think it’s going to be a major selling point for a lot of people.

Still, you could offer people a high res model to go with the low-res model and then they can bake their own textures. If you have all the surfaces and UV maps assigned consistently for both versions of your models then you will be offering something that is worth looking at even if you do not have textures attached.