What you scored for xmas!

Trading propaganda aside, Christmas inevitably involves scoring stuff (some good, some bad) from other people.

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Climbing shoes
Christian Dior smelling stuff
car polish.

An Umbrella
A book
Some lollies
a DVD burner
a cookbook (edmonds)

havn’t got my GF’s present yet… i wonder what that will be.


mp3 player
cricket bat
money (bought 2 albums, Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits and Coldplay - X&Y)
Wallace and Gromit DVD ^ - ^
some other stuff

edit: oh and Blender 2.4 :wink:

If everything goes well a blind date. me gets scared…

i scored me -

-a PS2 network adapter
-a 15m cat 5-e crossover cable (exciting… i know)
-socom II -u.s navy seals

Ps2 network adapter is SWEEEEET!!!, really good!!

I got:8)

Money & Gift Cards
Knoppix for Dummies
“Kameo Elements of Power” Soundtrack
“Harmony” CD
Blender Shirt
Project Orange DVD
A gag gift :wink:
Knife (Sorta collectible)
UT (University of Texas) Football Shirt

  • Several gifts that I haven’t received from some friends, yet. (EDIT King Kong soundtrack, XBOX 360 wireless remote, Lost In Space DVD (The more recent movie…it was a gag-gift.) and DDR Ultramix 3 with dancepad.)


Nothing :stuck_out_tongue: Too commercial.

I did get a Canon EOS digital rebal XT, but I kinda baught that myself :smiley:

got seinfeld season 5 and 6
and cheif! the complete series
clay pots, that will proably end up in the trash
a old used playstation game, but i’m not bitter

but overall it was a great weekend, lots of family to visit, and lots of great food to eat, and lots of children to play with and beat up on. and lots of children to beat up on me and throw up on me. and apparently i was nominated to assemble all the kids toys this year. which is fine with me i would rather set up a race track and remove a talking yoda from his box then sit around with the adults and talk. plus i enjoy seeing how far i can wind up the kids, and see how many things i can get them to say to the adults, or throw against the wall. it is fun to see how much bad things you can get a child to do who is wired out of their mind on candy. haha, all on good fun! i was able to get my nephew to ask my moms boy friend if he was wearing a wig, oh good times!

Sent Wu a palystation game that I found in the trash…

I got a 512Mb memory
180 gig HD
A nice Shirt

The first two…I love.

Fun Book on Dragons
Book on my Grandmother’s Life and her writings
New harddrive (doubling my capacity)
Commidore 64 joystick +30 games plug-in for the TV

Keyboard (Saitek Eclipse)
Speakers (Funky lookin’ Creative ones)
3 3D puzzles (two classic cars and a castle)
Bacardi poker set (Yay! Booze!)

Also bought myself Mario Kart DS, kind of a late Christmas present.

Trivial Pursuit DVD edition.
Some cash
Deodorant and refreshing face cream
A gift ticket to movies

For a moment there I thought Jeeves got Funky lookin’ creative Sneakers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bluetooth adaptor

At least I’ve managed to avoid the majority of my family this year and the whole vacuous sentimentality that follows.

I’m just happy that this year I’m not playing babysitter again. Seriously I’m a grown man, I don’t want to have to join a little girls tea party or play hide and seek. That stuff’s ok for the likes of Wu but beyond puberty, it wears very thin.

It’s either that or listen to my older relatives going on about Jesus. I mean really, this is neither the time nor the place.

Now I’ve just got to stay low over New Years too. No doubt Wu likes that time 'cos he gets to snog all the MILFs :P.

There’s no good films on TV this year again either.

Wide-angle lens for camcorder

Stereo zoom mic thingy for camcorder

Final Cut Express HD :smiley:

Ace Combat 5, and MS Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow for PS2

A Lego “Millennium Falcon” Haha, its been so long since anybody gave me Legos, that brought back a lot of memories…

100 bucks… and a bunch of other random crap

Pimping clothes

And since nobody made the joke already, I’ll have to go with…
Alltaken’s sister! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang it theeth! I was going to do your mom but you beat me to it! Heh, not like that, silly.

-Electric guitar and an amp
-Several CDs
-Some giftcards
-A great Family Guy shirt that parodies the Che picture
-A few (1 or 2) video games
-A significantly thinner wallet

-Antec Impress PC Case, sans PSU as I already have one (awesome case for the $$)
-ThinkGeek “Geek” hoodie (looks like a gap hoodie but with “geek” in the blue square instead)
-Dilbert tear-off calendar
-Tux 1"x1" gel sticker for new case
-StreamZap Remote Receiver (for our new MythTV HTPC me and my bro are building)
-Wacom intuos3 6x8 Tablet (got this from ‘everyone’ on my birthday earlier this month actually)
-Sennheiser Headphones (hd457, they’re the cheapest sennheisers out and they still beat the crap out of any other pair of “cheapo” headphones I’ve ever had)
-“pimping clothes” :wink:
-Rhino3D (w00t!) (educational version)
-Candy (w00t!)
-ThinkGeek mug that says “no I will not fix your computer”

From Timothy:
vBulletin here at elysiun! w00t…you rock Timothy!

Made off like a bandit this year…got everything I really wanted, intuos 6x8, case, headphones and rhino. :smiley:

Yeah she likes pimping clothes, gets her going good.

edit for truth Wow, you’re lucky, my sister is Hot!


And the best comeback award goes to… Alltaken!