What you think of Blender's current rate of developement.

How do you feel about the rate Blender is developing

Being new to open source when blender was open sourced I wasn’t sure where it would go, how fast it would develop or if it would at all.

So my answer is that it’s faster than I had orginally thought.



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i voted nice rate
gives me chance to learn new faeters befor next version
like learning to juggle by adding one ball at a time :slight_smile:

I sometimes think the development is a bit slow because I want features now, now, now. But Blender hasn’t been open-source very long has it? I think considering how many things it can do, it is going pretty well.

I keep thinking of the commercial apps as I’m sure a lot of others do and wonder what I’m missing out on. Then I boot up Maya 6 and after 5 minutes when the interface finally loads and I use some of the features, I realise that Blender isn’t far from it.

It really just needs a few major features to be added regularly to bulk up what it is capable of for those who aren’t technically minded enough to create a professional workflow using other apps or customization. I don’t want to list features because there are so many things that could be added. I actually don’t think a list of desired features will ever end. There will always be people who want a magic button to create the wonderland that exists in their imagination with little to no effort.

It’s true there’s no way to call a program like Blender finished, if it’s finished, it’s dead and that means no one will ever use it unless they’re real desperate.

just to back up osx here (no that he neeeds it), it’s not the small changes that make up the “rate-of-development” image. It’s the big things, like the face-edge-vertex-all selection modes in the upcoming 2.35. Personally, I thought a radical change like that would be worthy of a 2.40, but still. Those changes, instantly visible make pros go “hey, that was definately not there before” when they re-visit Blender every 5 releases or so. The not-so-obvious changes go unnoticed.

blender is developing faster, than i can learn all the new features included in every major release.

It’s possible to learn all the new features. There’s a few months between every release.

Yeah, but i dont care that much about Blender and i dont have the time as well. I really have to be in the mood and there have to be no other things to do, to learn new features of blender.

Blender is just a hobby for me, something to relax from the normal stuff i am doing.

this is the first time i started downloading cvs builds. and developements are going realy fast. its a new download once in two weeks. (could be less or more depending how hard ton works :stuck_out_tongue: )

…normal stuff like hanging on elysiun I suppose? :slight_smile:

It’s positively amazing how much Blender has grown lately.