What'd I do?

I almost got banned for a reason I’m not sure about :eek:
I was going to report a spambot (so I replied to the spambot saying it was spam).
The reason I didn’t yet was cause I was away from the computer for a moment.

What’d I do mods? :o

Okay never mind. I think I may know what happened.
A mod deleted a post I made by accident. It mustve unintentionally banned me.


You should start a blog, as it seems it´s one of your skills to keep people informed about stuff that doesn´t even remotely concern them :smiley:

It was so the mods could reply and tell me as I didn’t know which mod accidentally pressed the button!

I would not worry about any of it too much. After all, these are just the interwebs… .
Now, for your perusal:
“Where oh where did my chill pills go?
Where oh where can they be?
In their brown plastic bottle
with a child-proof cap,
why are they evading me?
I need them so much at times
when the pipes make me mad,
I keep forgetting that folks are just folks
and at times just need to share their sad.
It is just something they need
to get off their chest
and that does not make them all bad.
However with throwing stars
for avatars
it could make you wonder,
Far be it from me though
to try and steal
any one’s supposed thunder.

I’m not sure if the poem was in referrence to me or to arexma.
but its funny either way :smiley:

Not to worry, it is my poem and about me! Sometimes it is a good thing to just laugh at yourself!

Cheers, pix

It’s not what you did or rather what you didn’t when you could have, but did not when there was every reason so forth.

I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

O.o wow, this is a sensless post TWC (you should just stop posting in here, and let it go) if your back on, and not banned, dont worry about it

Then stop replying!
I only started this thread cause If I did something I wanted the mods to tell me what I did.
I’d PM the mod but I didn’t know who it was. It wasn’t till after I started the thread I got the PM from the mod responsible saying it was an accident.
If you stop replying to this I’ll stop posting in it.
It’ll die naturally :smiley:

Now! I’m done. Please let the thread die. Or better yet! I’ll ask a mod to close it! :evilgrin:

closed on owner’s request.