Whatever happened to MakeHuman?!

Let me start by saying I am (was) a huge MakeHuman fan.
The ability to instantly generate a human form, one that you’ve designed custom in the simple Sims-like character design interface, is (was) a godsend for people like me who get terrified at the idea of modelling something as complex as a human.
I say WAS because it seems that something is wrong with our trusty MakeHumans…
I haven’t worked with character animation in a long time. I’m working on a sci-fi story now, and the beginning is more filled with giant gleaming starships than you might imagine. So, most of my blending in the past few months has been out in The Final Frontier.
But, lately, I’ve been wanting to get in some good practice with humans again, to brush up in preparation for the more acty types of scenes I’m going to be doing.
So, just as I used to do, I jumped into good old MakeHuman, whipped up a tasty specimen of femaledom, and got ready to import her into Blender…
and got a nasty shock.
In the old days, this was a VERY simple process: just export your MakeHuman girl as a MHX and there you are. MHX was specifically designed as THE Blender format for MakeHumans. What could be simpler?
But it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
I tried bringing in the older 24 version of the MakeHuman export. Nothing.
And the newer 25 version just imports a couple of bones, a lot of control handles, a hips mesh, and a block, all dumped unceremoniously in a pile. No skeleton. No HUMAN MESH.
No nothing.
I did, however, get a VERY helpful menu of total gibberish that pops up on the right of screen, saying that my blender version is out of date, and that I could get a new one at Graphicall. Which is where I had gotten the newest one a few hours before.
In frustration, I went back to MakeHuman, exported my character (Claire, for simplicity’s sake…) in OBJ format, just to see if that might work better, and that did let me at least have my Claire mesh, all in a million pieces with no bones.
I did check to see if, just in case, the MHX addon wasn’t enabled in UserP. But it’s there, it’s checked, it’s singing in the rain.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t know if the MHX script is simply obsolete. I don’t know if MakeHuman has become obsolete with Blender’s new revisions.
I don’t know, and I don’t know how to find out other than to post this.
But I need to make some human characters in Blender. I need them to have armatures, rigs, or some sort of controls. I need to them to be able to walk and talk and dance the light fantastic. A simple way of getting them to follow a mocap routine would be peachy too, but I’m not begging for miracles today…

I saw on YouTube another Blenderhead working on a “bHuman” addon, and it does look extremely promising, but it’s just in the earliest alpha stages, and may be a while before it starts showing up in Blender.
And I want an Oomphaloompha now!

Anyone know what the deal is with MakeHuman? Sometimes I wonder if it’s simply become a dead project entirely…

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Also, have you tried contacting the author of the MHX import script? According to the MHX add-on’s wiki page, his name is Thomas Larsson and he’s on the MakeHuman team. That might be the place to start.

Also notice that the script only works with MakeHuman Alpha 5. The current release is Alpha 6.

Thanks Fweeb. Sorry for the confusion.
Yeah, I used Alpha 6 at first, then I got a nightly build.
At any rate, I just tried importing as a Collada, and THAT works. It even brings it in with a skeleton that it’s pre-parented and weight painted.
I might write T Larson. I think I’m a sub of his on YouTube. I’ll try that.
Thanks again.
“I know engineers. They LOVE to change things!” -Dr. McCoy

Hi AdamEtheredge, if you download a version of makehuman there is a folder tools/blender26x with all addons you use with blender. Copy io_import_scene_mhx.py to your addonfolder and overwrite file with the same name.
You can export mhx files from makehuman complete rigged and import it in blender.
This work with blender 2.63a and the latest nightly build from makehuman.


Cheers, mib.